Article Image See the false comparison and shocking evidence on mRNA Covid shot and pregnancy

See the false comparison and shocking evidence on mRNA Covid shot and pregnancy

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Medpage and the media are trying to say the 12.6% rate of spontaneous abortion in Covid vaccinated pregnant women within 3 months of the injection is normal. They try to convince us that 10-26% of pregnancies spontaneously abort as a normal matter of course. This is not true. They are using miscarriage rates that include weeks 1-5 of gestation, when the vaccinated women would likely not have been aware of their own pregnancy in order to even be tracked as pregnant. See the false comparison and shocking evidence. Please walk yourself through this data yourself.

12.6% of healthy pregnancies spontaneously abort within 3 months after the mother gets the Pfizer or Moderna injection, per 4/21/21 NEJM study from V-Safe data set. Compare this to the normal risk of spontaneous abortion of 1.6% in a comparable cohort of an Obstetrical Gynecology study.

The New England Journal of Medicine published on 4/21/21 their best data on pregnant women who took the Covid vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) . I am looking particularly at the V-Safe data set. These are women who knew themselves correctly to be pregnant at the time of vaccination (or shortly after, in the time between vaccination and signing up for the V-Safe tracking system), signed up for V-Safe tracking at that time, and who answered follow up calls 10-12 weeks after vaccination. This is not a group likely to have bias towards containing a overestimate of bad outcomes because the women who enrolled had live pregnancies to start and would probably not get vaccinated expecting problems. They enrolled to be tracked while healthy and expecting to receive an injection which would protect them and their babies. It most likely represents a good neutral picture of pregnant women who got the Covid vaccine overall.

You can imagine it is safe to assume most pregnant women were at least five weeks pregnant at the time of vaccination if they were aware enough of their pregnancy to identify as pregnant. This point is very important because it sets the parameters for us to identify what a normal rate of adverse outcomes is in pregnancy without the Covid vaccination. We will want to compare the rate of spontaneous abortion in non Covid vaccinated women over 5 weeks compared to Covid vaccinated women over 5 weeks.

What is a normal rate of spontaneous abortion?

I found a study on this from Obstetrical Gynecology.  Rates of miscarriage between 6-11 weeks were studied in women whose first prenatal visit in that range evidenced a heartbeat. This means they were truly pregnant, just like the women studied who took the Covid vaccine. The overall risk of miscarriage (aka spontaneous abortion) was 1.6%. At 6 weeks gestation it was 9.4% and fell rapidly each week: 4.2% at 7 weeks, 1.5% at 8 weeks, 0.5% at 9 weeks and 0.7% at 10 weeks. So, if we only counted week 6, that is still 9.4%, and less than half that a week later. Some pregnant women might not have even verified they were pregnant at 6 weeks. So, we have at worst a 9.4% risk of miscarriage, but overall 1.6% at 6-11 weeks.

Let's compare this to the pregnancies which were healthy at the time of the Covid injection and signing up to be tracked in the V - Safe Pregnancy Registry. Of this data set who completed pregnancy by way of live birth or death of the baby, 12.6% of those pregnancies were spontaneously aborted. 92.3% of those spontaneous abortions, aka miscarriages, were before 13 weeks gestation.

In other words, the V-Safe group of healthy pregnancies between mostly 5-13 weeks had a rate of spontaneous abortion of 12.6%.  The study of non Covid vaccinated healthy pregnancies between 6-11 weeks has a risk of spontaneous abortion of 1.6%.  These are roughly comparable, and, if anything, the gestation range of the Covid vaccinated group should be Lower than 1.6%.  

Instead, Covid vaccinated healthy pregnancies had 7.8 times higher rate of spontaneous abortion than is normal.  

This is not healthy for gestating babies.