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Netanyahu's Iran Bashing Promotes War

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Netanyahu's Iran Bashing Promotes War

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Time and again, Netanyahu and other Israeli hardliners accuse Iran of all sorts of things it had nothing to do with.

The Islamic Republic is Israel's main regional rival state — despite posing no threats to any other nations.

So they're invented by US and Israeli dark forces with diabolical aims in mind.

Netanyahu, likeminded Israeli extremists, and their US counterparts want Iranian sovereign independence eliminated — the nation transformed into a pro-Western vassal state.

War by hot and/or other means is their favored strategy.

Israel won't attack Iran militarily without US permission and involvement.

Taking this leap on its own would be suicidal — even though the Jewish state is nuclear armed and dangerous, its open secret well-known for decades.

Phony Israeli accusations against Iran push the envelope for confrontation.

Netanyahu has been promoting war on the Islamic Republic for years, wanting the US to attack Iran militarily on his behalf.

His latest phony accusation aims for direct US confrontation with Iran — falsely blaming its military for an explosion on a privately owned Israeli vessel near the Strait of Hormuz last week.

Calling a likely accident aboard ship or perhaps a Jewish state or US-staged false flag, he lied claiming what happened was "clearly" Iran's doing — despite no evidence suggesting it.

In response to his phony accusation, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said the following:

"The occupying regime is the root cause of all insecurities and instabilities, and these projections are fully goal-oriented." 

"The Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman are our immediate area of security, and we will not allow them to intimidate others by these statements." 

"The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime is suffering from a mental illness." 

"This regime knows that in our security sphere, our response has been precise and strong."

"These (false) allegations are being made by the Quds occupying regime, and we not only strongly reject them, but we have also been monitoring all the actions made by the regime in security zone of Iran in the past few months, and we will give a response where it happens."

"This morbid obsessive-compulsive disorder of the Israeli prime minister towards Iran is nothing new." 

"All this indicates a strange turmoil in the occupied territories and is the result of the adventurous behavior in and outside the occupied territories."

"The Zionist regime is the root cause of many troubles, insecurities and problems in the West Asian region, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is closely monitoring developments, and these blame-games are only meant to benefit the corrupt Zionist prime minister."

As for phony US/Western/Israeli claims about covert Iranian efforts to develop nukes, Khatibzadeh sharply said:

"Nuclear weapons have never had a place in the Islamic Republic of Iran's doctrine for various reasons, and unfortunately, it is the West and the US which have turned a blind eye to the stockpiled weapons and nuclear bombs of the Zionist regime."

According to AP News, Israeli is constructing a (new nuclear weapons development and production facility) in a soccer field-sized area adjacent to its aging Shimon Peres Negev nuclear factory near Dimona.

AP quoted Arms Control Association executive director Daryl Kimball, saying:

What the Netanyahu regime "is doing at this secret nuclear weapons plant is something (it should) come clean about."

Last month, independent nuclear experts from the International Panel on Fissile Materials said satellite photos show "significant new construction" at the nuclear site, adding:

Activity "expanded and appears to be actively underway with multiple construction vehicles present."

Separately on Monday, Blinken spokesman Price continued to falsely claim that the Biden regime favors diplomacy with Iran while its hostile actions show otherwise.

A the same time, he pushed the long ago debunked Big Lie about an Iranian nuclear weapons threat that doesn't exist.

The Biden regime has no intention of engaging in good faith diplomacy with Iran.

Nor will it lift illegal sanctions or fulfill its JCPOA obligations.

In response to continued Biden regime duplicity toward Iran, President Rouhani's spokesman Ali Rabiee called US talk of diplomacy unacceptable "hypocritical rhetoric," adding:

"We believe in diplomacy as the only way out of the impasse created by the US." 

"But the least thing to prove goodwill is that the US, which has reneged on its primary commitments under the (UNSC) Resolution 2231, should honor them."

US policies toward Iran remain implacably hardline.

No evidence suggests positive change ahead by Biden — just the opposite.

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