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Biden Regime Convenes NSC Meeting on Iran

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Biden Regime Convenes NSC Meeting on Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

According to the White House, the "National Security Council (NSC) shall be the principal forum for consideration of national security policy issues requiring presidential determination."

The NSC is the "president's principal means for coordinating executive departments and agencies in the development and implementation of national security policy, and in long-term strategic set forth in the National Security Act of 1947."

Its members include the president, vice president, and secretaries of state, defense (aka warmaking), treasury, the attorney general, DHS head, and other high-level officials.

According to what Axios calls a "scoop," the Biden regime convened a Friday NSC meeting on Iran to discuss its nuclear program.

The meeting reflects continued US hostility toward Iran.

It suggests no near-term Biden regime return to JCPOA compliance, continued breach of its Security Council Res. 2231 obligations.

On all things Iran, the US is fully responsible for decades of hostility toward the nation, its leadership and people.

Nonbelligerent Iran threatens no one — except in self-defense if attacked, its UN Charter right.

The country's leadership prioritizes peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

Its nuclear program has no military component that's confirmed by the IAEA, US intelligence, and world community.

For centuries, Iran never attacked another nation. The Islamic Republic is a sworn enemy of warmaking and nukes.

Development of these WMDs were officially banned. No evidence suggests that Iran is overtly or covertly going another way.

Nothing suggests an Iranian threat to the US or any other countries.

Washington's agenda toward nations free from its control is all about wanting them transformed into pro-Western vassal states by waging war by hot and/or other means.

That's how the scourge of its hegemonic agenda operates — waging endless war on humanity at home and abroad.

War on Iran by unlawful sanctions and other dirty tricks has been US policy since the Islamic Republic's liberating 1979 revolution.

Since replacing Trump on January 20 by brazen election theft, rhetoric and actions by Biden and hardliners surrounding him continue to show unacceptable hostility toward Iran.

Unlawful US sanctions remain in place. 

Iran considers lifting them a precondition for ending its legitimate enrichment of uranium to 20% purity and other nuclear program steps it's taken in recent months.

The US side remains adamant, insisting that Iran comply with its unacceptable demands as a precondition for relations going forward.

The JCPOA's fate hangs in the balance. 

Russia and China called on Biden to return to compliance.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell urged him to "to move from 'maximum pressure' to 'maximum diplomacy' through the JCPOA Joint Commission," adding:

"US withdrawal from the JCPOA and 'maximum pressure' policy, including secondary sanctions, had a negative impact."

"The JCPOA could not reach its full potential - including in the economic field."

JCPOA compliance by the US is essential to "build a new positive momentum and to ensure once again full implementation of the agreement" by all its signatories.

Candidate Biden pledged to reverse Trump's pullout from the landmark agreement.

Selected, not elected, Biden is hesitant at best, hostile to the idea at worst unless Iran bends to his regime's unacceptable demands Iranian leadership rejects.

They include weakening the Islamic Republic's ability to defend against foreign aggression with its ballistic missiles capabilities.

On February 4, Press TV reported that Biden's "supposed expression of interest in rejoining the JCPOA has…not been followed by a (positive) gesture on" his part.

Iran's UN envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi slammed Biden for taking no steps so far toward returning to JCPOA compliance.

The US remains in breach of its JCPOA obligations with no signs of changing its ways.

On Thursday, French President Macron sounded like Netanyahu and US hardliners by falsely accusing Iran of allegedly moving closer to developing nukes — despite no evidence suggesting it.

He also unacceptably called for "address(ing) (Iran's) ballistic missile issue…stability of the region, (and) involv(ing) Saudi Arabia and Israel (in) discussion(s)" on Iran.

The above are nonstarters for the Islamic Republic — including calls by France, Germany and Britain to "improve" the JCPOA, what Tehran strongly opposes.

Its officials justifiably call for the US and E3 countries to comply with their JCPOA obligations — as a first step.

A show of good faith by these nations — nowhere in sight so far — will be fully reciprocated to by Iran.

Its leadership is committed to comply with its international obligations on the world stage.

Islamic Republic history shows that its word is its bond — polar opposite how the US-led West and Israel operate.

On Friday, chief US, UK, French and German diplomats discussed Iran and JCPOA related issues.

Reportedly, the US state and war departments declined to comment on Friday's NSC discussion on Iran, adding:

An NSC spokesperson didn't respond to a request for comment.

On Thursday, Biden's national security council adviser Jake Sullivan said the following:

"We are actively engaged" with the UK, France and Germany on Iran. 

"(C)onsultations will produce a unified front when it comes to our strategy."

During his Thursday address, Biden didn't discuss whether he'll move to rejoin the JCPOA.

On Wednesday, Tony Blinken said Biden regime envoy on Iran Rob Malley will form a negotiating team of diplomats and Middle East experts to exchange views on the Islamic Republic and JCPOA.

Blinken reportedly wants Iran hawks on the team to develop strategy on the country.

As of now, the US isn't a party to the landmark agreement since Trump's unlawful pullout.

E3 countries Britain, France and Germany remain in noncompliance with their obligations.

Looking ahead, remarks and body language by Biden regime officials show no signs of returning to the JCPOA any time soon or perhaps not at all.

Whatever happens going forward, hostile US policy toward Iran seems certain to continue as long as it remains free from its control.

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