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California Suspends Use of Moderna's Covid Vaccine

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California Suspends Use of Moderna's Covid Vaccine

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman

Before Moderna got emergency authorization use of its high-risk, experimental, hazardous to human health covid vaccine, the firm never before successfully brought a drug to market.

Dr. Peter Hotez earlier warned of potentially fatal consequences from its unacceptable way of conducting trials.

On Monday, the San Jose Mercury News and other state media reported that use of Moderna's covid vaccine was suspended because of large numbers of potentially serious allergic reactions.

Late Sunday, top California epidemiologist Dr. Erica Pan issued the following statement:

"Our goal is to provide the COVID vaccine safely, swiftly and equitably." 

"A higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions were reported with a specific lot of Moderna vaccine administered at one community vaccination clinic." 

"Out of an extreme abundance of caution and also recognizing the extremely limited supply of vaccine, we are recommending that providers use other available vaccine inventory and pause the administration of vaccines from Moderna Lot 041L20A until the investigation by the CDC, FDA, Moderna and the state is complete." 

"We will provide an update as we learn more."

The Mercury News reported a large number of potentially fatal cases of anaphylactic shock after use of Moderna's vaccine.

Earlier, the CDC warned about this and other allergic reactions from vaxxing against covid.

Other vaxxing sites in California and nationwide reported large numbers of adverse events after vaxxing with Pfizer's and Moderna's experimental vaccines.

So far, Southern California health authorities alone suspended use of Moderna's vaccine.

Over 330,000 doses from the same  batch were distributed to 287 providers across the state.

They should be returned to sender, not used, because of the hazards they pose.

In late December, a Boston physician suffered a severe, life-threatening, allergic reaction after vaxxing with Moderna's entry into the covid vaccine sweepstakes.

Dr. Hossein Sadrzadeh was vaxxed on Christmas eve after which his heart began dangerously racing.

In minutes, his tongue began tingling and became numb. His blood pressure became too low for a monitor to register.

He was admitted to the emergency room for "shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations and numbness."

He recovered from his horrifying experience. Others died.

Experiencing allergies since age-11, he called what happened on Christmas eve his worst ever experience, adding:

"I knew the symptoms. I had the experience. I'(m) a physician, and I was scared to death. Imagine someone who does not have the information.

"I really don't want anybody to go and experience this and go through this event that I had."

His advice to others is either get vaxxed in a hospital setting or not at all.

From what I've written extensively about, citing assessments by medical and scientific experts, all vaccines are hazardous, none safe. 

None protect as claimed. They all risk contracting the disease they're supposed to protect against.

They risk developing of any one or combination of major illnesses in the near-or-longer-term.

They should all be avoided to preserve and protect health.

Experimental, high-risk, fast-tracked, DNA altering, genetically modifying Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are most hazardous of all.

No one valuing their health and well-being should touch them.

The choice is staying safe or risk being sorry when it's too late to undo the damage that may be permanent and adversely life-altering.

A Final Comment

Joseph Mercola reported that the WHO unacceptably changed its definition of herd immunity — in pushing Pharma's mass-vaxxing for covid campaign.

"Herd immunity occurs when enough people acquire immunity to an infectious disease such that it can no longer spread widely in the community," Mercola explained.

Until October last year, the WHO accepted this view.

No longer "in an Orwellian move that totally removes natural infection from the equation," said Mercola, adding:

"Your immune system isn't designed to get vaccines."

It's designed to work in response to exposure to an infectious agent."

"This perversion of science (by the WHO) implies that the only way to achieve herd immunity is via vaccination, which is blatantly untrue."

What's going on is part of a broader diabolical plan that includes mass biometric surveillance, depopulation of unwanted undesirables, and transforming nation states into ruler/serf societies worldwide.

It's what the humanly destructive Great Reset is all about that demands all-out challenging or lose fundamental freedoms and hope otherwise.

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