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Project Arizona News #12 (2020)

Written by Jacek Spendel Subject: Philosophy of Liberty

Dear Friends

It has been a really tough year for all of us but I hope that you are in your best shape now when Christmas time is coming.

As a result of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the world has moved to the brink of collectivist counterrevolution. The longer the restrictions and lockdown policies last, the more we care about resuming our education program for enterprising young people from all over the world who uphold the ideals of liberty. Our dedication to the project will allow us to break down schematic pro-collectivist thinking and implement free market values and methodologies, especially in places threatened by anti-freedom expansion.

The pandemic caused the world to freeze for the first time since the terrorist attacks in New York nearly twenty years ago. Many of us remember the tragic consequences of the 2001 events. We also remember how overactive were the governments of the world that took the moment to increase their control over ordinary people by limiting their rights and freedoms, forcing them to pay new taxes and imposing new regulations over them.

It is precisely at such moments that we become more aware of the importance of our mission. We understand that the situation is critical, but all the more we must require thoughtful decisions that do not affect the individual's own freedom of self-determination. Therefore, despite prolonged restrictions on international travel, we have decided to continue our project so that the mission of promoting and understanding freedom in the world continues.

We hope that you will also closely follow and support our activities.

Obviously, the format of our project had to change. In a couple of weeks a group of exceptional applicants from all around the world will commence something that we called Virtual Project Arizona. It is an online workshop program that aims at delivering crucial knowledge and skill-sets to young entrepreneur freedom fighters from all around the world.

VPA is a twelve-week online workshop project. It will be delivered by think-tank experts, entrepreneurs, academics and former Project Arizona participants. The premise of the project is that for twelve weeks the participants will gain access to the new materials, whilst performing a set of well-designed and closely supervised tasks to practice their skills in real-life situations.

We will be sharing with you the profiles of every participant of the Virtual Project Arizona in a couple of days. They are representatives of countries from all around the globe - Georgia, India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Rwanda, Peru and Brasil. In the meantime, I would love to wish you the merriest Christmas.

Stay safe, make sure you enjoy the time with your families.

With Liberty,

Jacek Spendel

Director, Project ARizona