Debauched Record of the Self-Styled Newspaper of Recod

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Debauched Record of the Self-Styled Newspaper of Record

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Consistent NYT misinformation and disinformation on major domestic and geopolitical issues is enough to give yellow journalism a bad name.

It also exposes the myth of the so-called "liberal media."

Reporting by the Times and other establishment media follows the "propaganda model" Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky explained in their book titled "Manufacturing Consent."

News fit to report is "filtered out," the "cleansed residue" alone remaining.

The public is fed a daily diet of fake news, hard truths on major issues suppressed.

In his article titled "Monopoly Media Manipulation," Michael Parenti explained that in the US and West, "corporate news media faithfully reflect the dominant class ideology both in their reportage and commentary," adding:

"(M)edia bias (isn't) random."

"(I)t (consistently) favor(s) management over labor, corporations over corporate critics, affluent whites over low income minorities, officialdom over protestors, the two-party monopoly over leftist third parties, privatization and free market 'reforms' over public sector development, US dominance of the Third World over revolutionary or populist social change, and conservative commentators and columnists over progressive or radical ones."

Establishment media are not tasked "to inform but disinform,  not to advance democratic discourse but to dilute and mute it." 

"Their task is to give every appearance of being conscientiously concerned about events of the day" — while operating in a polar opposite fashion, deceiving, not informing.

Reinventing reality is their speciality, reporting what dominant interests want people to know, suppressing what's essential to be accurately informed.

NYT managed news misinformation and disinformation follows this formula.

Throughout the US presidential campaign, Times reporting one-sidedly favored Biden/Harris over Trump.

Its editors, columnists and correspondents consistently ignored brazen election fraud in key swing states for the challengers over the incumbent president.

Ignored as well has been Biden's deteriorated mental and physical state, along with Harris' authoritarian prosecutorial record — making them both unfit for any public office.

In its latest edition, the Times featured another one of its many puff pieces for Biden/Harris.

It falsely claimed they'll diligently "confront the extraordinary public health and economic crises at hand."

Things are likely to worsen on their watch, not improve — if they succeed Trump, what's highly likely, but not yet certain.

Biden is too cognitively impaired to function as president, others around him to make policy decisions in his name.

Reinventing reality, the Times falsely called Biden "decisive," a decision-maker, a "gut politician…an elder statesman…and now president-elect."

Clearly not the latter, he's president-select if grand theft Election 2020 stands.

Losers aren't afforded "mandate(s)," only winners.

There's no doubt that if Biden/Harris succeed Trump in January,  dirty business as usual won't miss a beat.

US wars by hot and other means will continue raging against invented enemies — maybe new ones launched.

Wall Street and other monied interests will be served exclusively at the expense of ordinary people at home and abroad.

Speech, media, and academic freedoms will likely erode more than already, police state rule likely hardened.

Depression-level unemployment, under-employment, and large-poverty may worsen, not improve.

Already unsafe and unfit to live in for tens of millions of US households, the state of the nation may sink to full-blown tyranny over the next four years — based on the current disturbing trend.

On 9/11, the rule of law in the US died. The great covid pandemic hoax worsened things.

Lockdowns wrecked the US economy, bankrupted tens of thousands of businesses, and left over one-fourth of working-age Americans unemployed.

A permanent US underclass was created. The greatest ever wealth transfer from ordinary people to the nation's privileged class was facilitated.

Super-wealthy Americans never had things better.

For the vast majority of US households, things are dismal and likely to worsen ahead.

Think Biden/Harris will turn things around for ordinary Americans?

Think again! Their mandate is serving wealth and power interests exclusively at the expense of most others.

The hardest of hard times will continue on their watch — combined with scourge of neoliberal harshness. 

That's the disturbing state of the nation no matter which right wing of duopoly rule runs things.

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