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Pulitzer Prize to NYT for State-Approved Fake News Russia Bashing

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Pulitzer Prize to NYT for State-Approved Fake News Russia Bashing

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Pulitzer Prize hypocrisy is longstanding, awards consistently given to establishment media for fake news, independent truth-telling journalism on major issues shunned.

NYT and WaPo presstitutes are notably awarded prizes. Current establishment Pulitzer board members include:

Andrew Mellon president Elizabeth Alexander

National Pentagon Radio's (NPR) vice president Nancy Barnes

Bloomberg News projects and investigations editor Robert Blau

USA editor in chief Nicole Carroll

NYT columnist Gail Collins

Columbia University president Lee Bollinger

AP News vice president John Daniszewski

WaPo associate editor Carlos Lozada

Miami Herald president Aminda Marques Gonzalez

New Yorker editor David Remnick

Several other establishment figures like those above serve on this year's board, the same thing in other years, assuring only individuals sharing their state-approved views are awarded prizes.

Journalists involved in how the profession is supposed to operate get no consideration.

The sham process of choosing prize recipients is farcical and flawed, mocking the profession instead of honoring its best, brightest, and most distinguished, individuals for truth-telling journalism on cutting-edge issues.

This year, a dirty business as usual award went to the NYT for Russia bashing — fake news masquerading as the real thing, never in the Times and other establishment media about nations on the US target list for regime change.

The Times award was for a series of six anti-Russia propaganda articles and two videos.

The self-styled newspaper of record won three Pulitzers this year, 130 since awards were first made.

The entire Times staff was honored for what the Pulizer board called "predations of the Vladimir Putin regime" across Africa, the Middle East and Europe — its members once again disgracing themselves.

Reporting vilified the world community's most distinuished leader.

Putin is notable for straight talk and being in the forefront of promoting world peace, stability, diplomatic outreach, and mutual cooperation with other countries — polar opposite how US-led NATO, Israel, and their imperial allies operate, led by war criminals.

Russia's US embassy slammed the hypocritical Times award, saying "(t)he Prize board is taking great responsibility, highlighting in this way anti-Russian materials, with statements that have been repeatedly refuted not only by Russian officials, but already by life itself," adding:

The broadsheet's award-winning series on Russia is a "collection of undiluted Russophobic fabrications that can be studied as a guide to creating false facts."

Material in them was earlier debunked as fake news, a Times specialty.

The Pulitzer board claim that Times articles on Russia were "often (written) at risk" was pure rubbish.

Editor of Russia's Proekt (The Project) said the Times used (dubious) material it published months earlier without attribution.

Commenting on the award, the Times said it was for "detailing Russia's influence operations abroad" in the years following its (nonexistent) "disinformation efforts in the 2016 US presidential election."

The Times stands out as the leading print media purveyor of the Big Lie that perhaps won't ever die about Russian US election meddling no evidence ever proved happened because nothing can prove what didn't occur.

Pulitzer Prizes are the most over-hyped, undeserving awards of their kind in the West.

Recipients deserve shame, not honor, for accepting them.

They're sort of a civilian equivalent of combat awards to US military personnel for war crimes.

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