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EMF Bed Net -- Link

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EMF Bed Net -


Do It Yourself EMF Queen Bed Faraday Canopy Shield

This prototype was constructed with a 10' x 10' EZ Up canopy. The connecting pieces were taken apart and then reassembled to the approximate size of a Queen bed. The legs of the canopy were wire tied to the legs of the bed for stability. Phifer aluminum screening was placed in strips over the canopy frame, two side to side and two head to foot, with one underneath the bed. This was accomplished with one 48" x 100' roll purchased online through Home Depot for $112.57 delivered.

The canopy is very effective in shielding against a high output, active RF source - shown as a smartphone loads a website. And the last scene shows the ambient RF in the room, easily blocked by the screening.

This is really more a series of shields, as opposed to a faraday cage, as the various screens aren't attached and there are gaps, etc. Excellent results for a first attempt, and completed at little cost but time.