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RE: Idaho Stay At Home Order Passed March 25th, 2020 = There will be a meeting held tonight (Thurs March 26th, 2020) at 8 pm; 800 E Locust Street; Emmett, Idaho in which the people discuss this order and more...See Order Below:

The People's Guild meeting - inviolation of TTT permission slip

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Statewide At Home Order - Idaho - PDF

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Comment by Ed Price
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Oh, joy - especially for the people of Idaho. If you haven't heard of the restrictions, or if you don't agree with them >>> and if you are accosted by the authorities who order you to comply, ask them right out, "Is this an order?" If it is, send them a bill for ordering you, a man/woman, to do something. After all, the 13th Amendment says no involuntary servitude. Take them to court on it. State it the right way in the indictment so that the court examines the order as an order, rather than the reasons for the order.