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The Many Ways THEY Are Attacking You & How We Can Stop Them

Written by Mike Swatek Subject: Tyranny

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Have you ever considered, in a single contemplation, the many ways you're being attacked by the powers that be? For each we need to understand, "why is this happening?" Let's sit down for a bit, take some deep breaths, stay calm and really evaluate our situation today.

The first step is to enumerate the multitude of aggressions against you, perpetrated by the global financial elite. THEY are using The State (central governments everywhere at all levels) and large corporations as the tools of your oppression, both of which THEY own. All your life, you've been conditioned by their mainstream media and education system to not have these thoughts and even recoil from them. So, taking a fresh look at all of this in a single session may not be easy, but it's possibly one of the most important things you'll ever do.

If it helps, keep the fact in mind that none of this is the way it was when people were truly free:

*THEY are monitoring you and know more about you than you do. It starts the day you're born with a birth certificate, identification number assignment and DNA samples taken. Then it continues, increasingly, for the rest of your life. All of your electronic information is gathered (financial transactions, email, social networking, etc.). You're tracked by your phone, cameras with facial recognition, voice recognition, license plate readers, toll passes, financial transactions and more. If you step out of line, whatever portion of this information best suits their intent can be assembled to misrepresent you in their courts and the media.

*THEY are making you sick and less coherent. Many dangerous things are in your food, water, medications and the air you breathe. While they claim to be protecting you from this, little more than posturing and hand slaps are actually accomplished when THEY are revealed to be the true cause. Meanwhile, many far more healthy options from individuals and smaller businesses are oppressed because they might cut into ill gained profits.

*THEY are making you poor. You pay highly inflated amounts to the crony, corrupt sickcare system who pay their politicians and mainstream media very well. Far more affordable and safe options are severely limited by their regulations.

*THEY are brainwashing you with propaganda about themselves. It began in your most impressionable years, throughout your entire public "education", and persists the rest of your life through mainstream media and other information outlets they control. You've been conditioned to conform, obey and not challenge the status quo. Information contrary to their manipulative narrative is censored as much as they can get away with, and more so by the day.

*THEY are forcing you to work for their big corporations and subservient suppliers. As many options as possible for independence with your own business are regulated away and otherwise oppressed. They even claim to own ideas, preventing you from making significant technological advances for mankind. Meanwhile, their crony corporate partners are subsidized, causing unfair competition to cripple, destroy or buy the remaining small and medium sized businesses.

*THEY are further impoverishing you as a tax slave. In many ways, they take a very large portion of what you make. Every possible escape from the theft of your earnings is regulated away. Employers are coerced to do the stealing for them, before you even get paid, so maybe you won't notice or resist as much. Meanwhile, most of what was stolen from you is going to enormous profits for those who cause misery, death, destruction and tyranny on a massive scale, all over the world. This is all misrepresented as being for your "security".

*THEY are making you dependent. Your opportunities for self employment are being destroyed. Their money printing is causing price inflation which is eroding the purchasing power of your earnings. They are destroying your ability to profit from savings with repression of interest rates, plus engineering the occasional economic collapse. Meanwhile, they charge you far more interest to borrow money which was actually printed out of thin air and costs them nothing. This is all to force you into the trap of accepting handouts from The State. The ultimate intent is to have you defend the hand which then feeds you, while the other hand does horrible things.

*THEY are restricting your transactions. There are limits on the amount you can withdraw, spend and deposit without an explanation. Many businesses who harm nobody are cut off from the banking system to varying degrees. When your untraceable payment options, like cash, are sufficiently limited, they can then clamp down much further on your economic and personal freedom. They will then get to steal their cut of everything you do. Purchases of a growing range of things won't be allowed. Individuals who "misbehave" will have their economic freedom severely reduced or even completely cut off. These oppressions, facilitated by all the monitoring, are already happening in some places.

*THEY are causing fear, abandonment of critical thinking skills, and clamoring for "security" at any cost. The means of the "security" they impose has been paid for with money stolen from you, honed in unjust wars of all kinds, and is increasingly being turned against your community. They want you to be defenseless against this "security". THEIR own safety is the reason for wanting you defenseless, while they do whatever they want to you.

*THEY are implementing a police state. Gradually "serve and protect" has transformed into "law enforcement". Those arbitrary "laws", which you never agreed to, are passed (a quite appropriate word) by politicians well paid by THEM. Their edicts are now so numerous and far reaching that each person, on average, commits about three felonies per day. So, they can attack, rob and cage you for something any time they want. If there's no actual "violation", one can be assembled from pieces of the monitoring data they have on you. The police are now equipped and trained for war, in your community. These capabilities are used against you after even the slightest of infractions, for which you and yours may be murdered in your own home, with impunity. At every opportunity, the laws and enforcement tools are ratcheting up the tyranny which is already far worse than described in the Declaration of Independence.

THEY cause you to vote for whoever will give you the most favors and loot stolen from others. They know people will do this to maybe somehow get ahead in life. This is done to trick people into defending the elected masters, chosen from a ballot listing those selected by THEM, regardless of the countless hideous things they also do.

*THEY are dividing us. People are being incited to bicker amongst each other over political, social, health and economic disagreements, not realizing nearly all those differences were fabricated and promoted for that purpose. This is to keep us from joining together to against the root cause of nearly all the problems in your life, THEM. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest and most successful strategies they have.

*Finally, THEY want you dead, after they've milked you for all your life's earnings, before you start costing more in handouts than they are now stealing from you. Then they will take as much as possible of whatever is left, before your heirs can get it, unless you're one of THEM. Always consider the financial incentives, especially when dealing with the pathocratic global financial elite.

Throughout your entire life, if you participate in their systems, you're being manipulated, robbed and enslaved. Think about each individual problem you have and consider them, one by one, against the items in the list to find the real root cause. For every one, ask yourself, "why?" Then ask "why" about that. Repeat this again and again for each problem. Eventually, you'll drill down as far as you can to the real root cause, which you'll probably find in the list above. You'll discover THEY are the real root cause of nearly every one of your problems.

What benefits are you getting from The State, at all levels, including: federal, state/province, county and maybe a city? List them all. Now compare those pros with the cons from the previous paragraph. Consider the fact that each necessary benefit could be provided by non-state means as shared in "For A New Liberty" by Murray N Rothbard at . After this critical, objective and thorough evaluation, are those benefits really worth all the serious problems you suffer in exchange? If you dug deep into each issue, then the answer almost certainly has to be a resounding NO!!

You can try to address each of the things listed above in an attempt to gain more freedom in your life. However, this would be a constant struggle with so much stacked against you and so many things to deal with. It's like the many tentacles of a giant vampire squid which just keep coming at you from different angles.

Instead of trying to evade and attack the many tentacles, the only other plausible option is to somehow be rid of it all at once, in a short time, as efficiently as possible. It's well protected with what it has stolen from you and everyone else. Choosing the right moment is critical. Once every several generations, it cycles through brief times of weakness during its bankruptcies. Counter-intuitively, these rare moments are when it is flailing around and appearing most dangerous, trying to camouflage the reality. The beast has just started another of these extraordinary frenzies which needs to be recognized for what it is, our opportunity.

So, how do we best deal with this monster. It would be futile to use offensive tactics. Those are it's expertise which it's most able to fend off and turn against you. Instead, consider what it tries to oppress and censor the most. The simple idea that THEY are the common enemy of all decent people and we would be far better off without them. That is the thing which scares it the most and it's least equipped to deal with on a large scale. That is the soft underbelly of this beast.

If you evaluate your problems against the list above, with even a little open mindedness, this repressed idea about our common enemy should emerge and lodge in your mind. If you then share this idea and how you arrived at it, you won't be alone. The masses are about to experience enough pain, caused by THEM, to become receptive. As this idea dawns for each individual, it will blossom and then seed to others, expanding exponentially like a new wildflower spreading across a fertile plain.

A vision of a far better alternative can then bring the full bloom. Imagine not being sick and poor most of the time from the day you're born. What would it be like to have your own business without interference, so long as you harm nobody? How much better off would you be without the money sucking taxation which today is like a parasite the size of half your entire body?! You could eliminate the almost continuous fear of one boogeyman or crisis after another, which have almost always later been shown to be contrived. Your home could again be your castle, with no police state invasions and murders. The petty differences caused by mainstream media and political manipulation can evaporate, so people in your community may again treat each other with the respect and trust they deserve. Imagine human technological progress advancing far more rapidly toward things to actually make your life better. You could live a long, healthy, more prosperous and far happier life than most can imagine today, without THEM.

If a small vocal fraction of people can grasp this vision along with the idea behind it, and share it widely, then the consent to be governed can be destroyed along with the beast. This will allow true liberty to widely emerge for the first time in many centuries. It can happen, because that small fraction would be far larger than all those who serve The State. The parasitic global elite who prosper and gain strength from your misery, sweat and blood will quickly become powerless to stop this idea.

We must be bold and share this with everyone during this rare opportunity for freedom. We're at the beginning of a precious and brief moment in history to make this happen. The State will soon be at its weakest, during the realization of its moral and financial bankruptcy. Please help make it happen, if not for yourselves, then for your progeny who deserve far better than the advancing tyranny we're now facing.

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* Indicates listed problems currently being advanced by The State and its owners, while THEY take advantage of latest crisis, a pandemic.

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