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US Anti-Venezuela Propaganda Rages

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US Anti-Venezuela Propaganda Rages

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Trump regime hardliners are obsessed with eliminating Bolivarian Republic social democracy, a notion they tolerate nowhere, what's prohibited in the US.

They also seek control over Venezuela's oil reserves, the world's largest — a colossal material prize they covet, the rule of law abandoned in pursuit of their goal, the human toll of no consequence.

US envoy for regime change in Venezuela Elliott Abrams is a convicted felon, an unpunished war criminal — instigating violence, chaos, and other horrific human rights abuses his specialty.

At a Friday press conference, he recited a long ago discredited litany of Big Lies about Venezuela. He threatened its legitimate ruling authorities, warning of possible US aggression as a Trump regime option.

He falsely accused President Nicolas Maduro of rigging upcoming January 2020 Venezuelan National Assembly elections — before they're held.

The NYT repeated the Big Lie, including false claims by Abrams that lawmakers were offered hundreds of thousands of dollars to vote against US-designated puppet Guaido and his legislative cronies, no evidence presented backing the claim because none exists.

Since last spring, a number of opposition MPs were stripped of immunity for involvement in the failed coup orchestrated by the US to topple Maduro.

Guaido and his cronies stole millions of dollars of humanitarian aid for Venezuelans in Colombia.

Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab said his office "initiated an investigation on the grounds of evidence" he obtained.

Weeks earlier, Bolivarian National Constituent Assembly President Diosdado Cabello said "(n)obody should be surprised that" opposition figures are "accus(ed) of corruption, of taking bribes. They even stole humanitarian aid."

They're also accused of stealing millions of dollars from Venezuela's US-based CITGO operations, the company illegally confiscated by the Trump regime to rob the Bolivarian Republic of its revenues.

The Times: "Since taking office…Maduro presided over the biggest economic crisis in (Venezuelan) history…(He) refused to cede power…"

Fact: He was democratically elected and reelected.

Fact: Trump regime sanctions against the country are illegal. They constitute war by other means, aiming to crush Venezuela's economy and gravely harm its people.

Fact: The US, especially the Trump regime, bears full responsibility for dire economic conditions in the country.

The Times and other establishment media support all of the above instead of denouncing what's going on against a nonbelligerent sovereign state threatening no one.

Guaido is a US stooge, a puppet, a pathetic figure, a political nobody artificially elevated to prominence — widely reviled and fast falling out of favor in Washington because he failed to deliver for his US masters.

Various Venezuelan lawmakers were stripped of immunity and/or detained on charges of corruption and other lawless actions. 

They belong in prison, not high office. They sold their souls to a higher power in Washington, betraying the Venezuelan people by their actions.

In January, National Assembly elections are scheduled, the body composed of 167 deputies. Polls show around two-thirds of Venezuelans want a new parliament, Maduro announced on national television.

Venezuela's political process is scrupulously open, free, and fair, the world's best, a model for other nations to emulate — real democracy, polar opposite the US money-controlled sham system.

Venezuelans will have a chance to rid themselves of Guaido and other fascists allied with the US against democratic governance the way it should be under Maduro and other Bolivarian lawmakers.

If results aren't what Trump regime hardliners and establishment media want, they'll falsely scream electoral fraud.

A Final Comment

On December 19, a statement by Maduro's government "categorically reject(ed) interventionist aggression undertaken (by) dominant (US) elite(s), this time by attempting to pass legislation ironically baptized as the Emergency Assistance Law, Democracy and Development Assistance for Venezuela, designed to deepen attacks against the Venezuelan people, ignore our sovereignty and internal constitutional order," adding:

"Behind this chain of euphemisms, an instrument is hidden aiming at accentuating the implementation of unilateral coercive measures, which are illegal, while violating the Charter of the United Nations, insofar as they undermine the human rights of more of 30 million Venezuelans." 

"Additionally, in a delirium of imperial arrogance, the US Congress intends, through this legislative act, to repeal the right to punish countries that maintain commercial relations with Venezuela."

"(T)his law the restoration of neoliberal Venezuela and the plundering of its resources, for which it openly raises an alleged regime of legal guardianship over Venezuela, in which even the political puppet allies in the Venezuelan opposition would be tied to the opinions and 'recommendations' of the US government."

"(T)he US Congress (is) wast(ing) taxpayers' money to finance the destabilization of Venezuela and deliver resources to satellite governments and accomplices of its strategy."

"In the face of this new aggression, the People and the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela remain firmly within the path of legality, peace and heroic effort to build social justice, always ready to defend, in any scenario and in any modality, its Constitution and its participatory and protagonist democracy of illegal coercive measures and acts of war and destabilization."

"The dignity of the people of Bolivar will remain intact in the face of any supremacist attack, as well as their will to remain free, sovereign and to live in peace."

Note: The so-called Venezuela Emergency Relief, Democracy Assistance and Development (VERDAD) Act was introduced in the US Senate on April 3.

The Senate passed the measure. It'll likely be enacted in the new year, another blow to peace, equity and justice.

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