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US Installed Fascist Tyranny in Bolivia

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US Installed Fascist Tyranny in Bolivia

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Reporting from Bolivia, CodePink's Media Benjamin explained what establishment media suppress, saying the following:

On November 21, she witnessed "Bolivian riot police" attacking a "massive funeral procession," mourners peacefully demonstrating against the murder of their loved ones by the US installed coup d'etat regime.

On November 19, she also "witnessed the (El Alto) military massacre at the Senkata gas plant…"

The US installed coup d'etat regime sparked large-scale protests against its illegitimacy, heavily armed security forces using attack helicopters and tanks against defenseless civilians protesting for their rights.

Dozens were killed, countless others injured. Benjamin visited the wounded in clinics, saying:

"I saw the doctors and nurses desperately trying to save lives, carrying out emergency surgeries in difficult conditions with a shortage of medical equipment." 

"I saw five dead bodies and dozens of people with bullet wounds. Some had just been walking to work when they were struck by bullets." 

"A grieving mother whose son was shot cried out between sobs: 'They're killing us like dogs.' "

An area church became an improvised morgue, "dead bodies…still dripping blood…(D)octors performed autopsies."

"Hundreds gathered" to mourn the dead and console families grieving for lost love ones.

The coup d'etat regime threatened local journalists with sedition and subversion for reporting facts on the ground.

The regime blamed victims for crimes committed against them. Anti-democracy hooligans desecrated indigenous symbols, supporting Christian (fascist) supremacy.

Benjamin: "This surge in racism has not been lost on the indigenous protesters, who demand respect for their culture and traditions."

"This conflict is spiraling out of control and I fear it will only get worse. That's why so many Bolivians are desperately calling for international help."

Pro-Morales Movement for Socialism (MAS) legislators face possible arrest if oppose the illegitimate coup d'etat regime.

Benjamin offered a glimmer of hope, saying: "Rumors abound on social media of military and police units refusing the de facto government's orders to repress."

On Monday, neocon hardliner with 2024 presidential ambitions Pompeo praised the US installed Bolivian coup regime for expelling hundreds of Cuban doctors and other medical workers, shamefully saying:

"It was the right thing to do (sic).  Cuba wasn't sending doctors and officials to Bolivia to help the Bolivian people (sic), but rather, to prop up a pro-Cuba (government) headed by Evo Morales (sic), who sought to maintain his grip on power through electoral fraud (sic)," adding:

"Bolivia now joins Brazil and Ecuador in recognizing the Cuban threat to freedom (sic). Bravo Bolivia (sic)."

On Thursday, Pompeo called US-installed fascist tyranny "Bolivia's political transition to democracy in our hemisphere."

Most often, establishment media reporters fail to challenge his Big Lies. Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Days earlier, Tulsi Gabbard equivocated when asked about the toppling of Morales, saying: 

"I'm really gathering the facts and the information around this. I don't have the full picture and the full story. There are a lot of different narratives on what led to (Morales stepping down). I need to get the facts first."

On Friday, she set the record straight, tweeting:

On Friday, she set the record straight, tweeting the following: 

"What happened in Bolivia is a coup. Period. The United States and other countries should not be interfering in the Bolivian people's pursuit of self-determination and right to choose their own government."

Separately, she said the Dem "party…is not the party that is of, by and for the people. (It's) influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington represented by Hillary Clinton and others' foreign policy."

On the day Morales stepped down to avoid greater blood in the streets his action failed to stem, the NYT falsely called his resignation "the end of tyranny" in the country — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Claiming he "undermin(ed) democracy" was and remains polar opposite reality on the ground.

Separately the Times said "Morales was driven from office earlier this month after 14 years in office, following a disputed election in which he claimed to be the winner. He fled the country and took asylum in Mexico, having lost the allegiance of the military and police."

There was nothing "disputed" about his democratic reelection. He and his family were threatened.

They could have been killed by CIA assassins if remained in the country. Key Bolivian and police officials sold their souls and honor to Washington for whatever bribes they were paid.

Despite stepping down, Morales remains the country's democratically reelected president.

On Friday, the coup d'etat regime falsely accused him of terrorism and sedition.

Telesur said the US-installed regime is suing him for "alleged sedition, terrorism and three other crimes." He responded, tweeting:

"For the social movements that fight for life and democracy, the Prosecutor's Office initiates ex officio investigations with assemblies, seeded evidence and manipulated recordings, but for 30 brothers killed in #Bolivia by bullet, there is no investigation, responsible or detained."

Phony charges are all about demonizing and delegitimizing him, aiming to weaken his popular support.

The coup regime took Telesur Spanish off air, wanting truth-telling about events on the ground silenced, its director Patricia Villegas saying:

"We'll continue to hold strong to our commitment to reporting the truth."

Independent journalists providing real news, information, and analysis of what's going on face harassment, arrest, imprisonment, even assassination.

Telesur said "Bolivia's National Press Association (ANP) reported at least 13 attacks against journalists in Cochabamba and 8 attacks against reporters in Santa Cruz.??????"

Along with usurping power and blood in the streets against pro-democracy supporters, the above is what the scourge of fascist tyranny is all about.

A Final Comment

Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin accused the Trump regime of being behind the coup in Bolivia that got Evo Morales to resign, Sputnik News reported.

There's no ambiguity about what's going on, a longstanding CIA specialty against numerous countries.

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