Slamming Bolivia's Coup d'Etat Regime Violence

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Slamming Bolivia's Coup d'Etat Regime Violence

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

The CIA's coup transformed democratic Bolivia under Evo Morales into a fascist dictatorship — defined by iron-fisted viciousness against the rule of law, equity and justice for all.

CIA-orchestrated street violence followed Morales' October 20 reelection — dozens killed, countless others injured, hundreds arrested.

Security forces in cahoots with Washington and the coup regime, along with CIA recruited street thugs, are responsible for what's gone on daily for the past month with no signs of letup.

For weeks post-coup, establishment media cheerled what demands denunciation. Media watchdog Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), documented their managed news misinformation and disinformation.

Its latest report on Monday said major media editorials portray democrat Morales as "undemocratic."

The NYT falsely accused him of "brazenly abusing the power and institutions put in his care by the electorate" — a typical Times bald-faced Big Lie.

The neocon/CIA-connected Washington Post turned truth on its head, claiming "a majority of Bolivians wanted (Morales) to leave office" — another bald-faced Big Lie.

The Wall Street Journal falsely accused him of "steal(ing) another election" — a US specialty, interfering in scores of foreign elections post-WW II, manipulating them to install pro-Western puppet rule.

Despite expressing support for Bolivia's illegitimate coup d'etat regime, establishment media surprisingly began criticizing street violence by the country's security forces — after blaming its victims for violence committed against them for weeks.

In its latest edition, the NYT said "violence grips Bolivia…(T)he military opened fire on protesters…Family members of at least two of the dead said they had merely walked to work when they were shot by soldiers," adding:

Coup d'etat war minister Fernando Lopez said "not one bullet" was fired by the military at protesters — "an account that was contradicted by a dozen witnesses," the Times reported.

"Residents directed their anger at Ms. Anez, who last week signed a decree shielding security forces from criminal prosecution when maintaining public order."

Citing eight deaths, the Times ignored around two dozen others since the post-October 20 coup erupted.

It falsely claimed "Morales was driven from office…following a disputed election in which he claimed to be the winner."

There was nothing "disputed" about his democratic reelection, the process open, free and fair.

On Wednesday, a WaPo op-ed headlined "Bolivia is falling into the grips of a brutal right-wing regime," saying:

"President Evo Morales's forced resignation in a military coup…led to the rise of a far-right regime of terror," adding:

"If anyone doubts this, horrifying recent events ? the killings of protesters, attacks on political opponents, a decree allowing armed forces to kill at will and rising racism — should lay those doubts to rest."

"Morales is one of the most successful presidents in the country's history." 

"He presided over a remarkable period of political stability and economic growth, which facilitated a steep drop in poverty and a process of unprecedented inclusion of Bolivia's indigenous peoples." 

"This explains why (he) secured nearly half the vote in the Oct. 20 election, far surpassing his closest rival."

Given WaPo's connection to the CIA and support for the imperial state, the above remarks are remarkably divergent from its usual reporting — supporting what demands denunciation.

The op-ed debunked the phony OAS claim of October 20 election fraud, citing the Center for Economic and Policy Research's independent analysis revealing otherwise.

"Bolivia's vice president and the Senate and Chamber of Deputies presidents, all Morales allies…resigned as conservative vigilantes burned houses belonging to Morales's Movement for Socialism party (MAS) officials and threatened their relatives," the op-ed explained. 

"This cleared the way for" Anez's usurpation, "a fiercely Christian conservative with racist views…(T)he way (she's) govern(ing) is terrifying."

The right-wing Wall Street Journal highlighted "surg(ing)" violence in Bolivia and a "deepening…political crisis," adding:

"(A) local church (was) turned…into a makeshift morgue…blood dripping from corpses laid on church benches. Family members of the slain—all men in their 20s and 30s, many with bullet wounds to the head" — mourned their lost loved ones.

Coup d'etat regime security forces and CIA recruited thugs bear full responsibility for weeks of violence, vandalism and chaos.

The Journal falsely claimed Morales and his supporters share blame, while admitting that video evidence showed "soldiers firing live rounds at protesters."

Morales was quoted, tweeting: "Stop this massacre of indigenous brothers who ask for peace, democracy and respect of life in the streets."

Coup d'etat interior minister Murillo was quoted saying: "We are victims of Evo Morales (sic)," vowing to press charges against him.

Establishment media anti-coup violence reporting above is remarkable, most likely an aberration to be short-lived. 

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