Article Image Letter from Morpheus - UPDATE September 11th, 2019...

Letter from Morpheus - UPDATE September 11th, 2019...

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Hi there everyone. Thanks for all the messages that you have sent me since I have been incarcerated. I want to wish you a happy 9/11. The issues (subtractions as there are many multiple issues) is one that still needs to be discussed with people as the media certainly doesn`t bother to do so and neither will the politicians.

A few nights ago, I watched the National Geographic special on 9/11 and they were so careful as to not touch on anything that is controversial in the attacks on this country. I watched it very intently, and they did a great job of leading the audience around anything that could be misconstrued as conspiratorial. All the shots of the building coming down were from far away. How fast the buildings came down, no mention of the debris being shot laterally embedding bone fragments into nearby buildings. How a plane could fly at 500 miles per hour at 18 ft. about the ground... It can`t because of the ground effect.

Keep on bringing it up! And always remember!
In loving kindness