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Iran's Aggressiveness, Illegally Evading Sanctions?

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Iran's Aggressiveness, Illegally Evading Sanctions?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

On Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted the following:

"Iran is committed to the full implementation of the #JCPOA: as long as E3 (UK, France and Germany)/EU implement THEIR economic commitments."

"#So moving forward, Iran will comply with its commitments under the JCPOA in exactly the same manner as the EU/E3 have—and will—comply with theirs."

"Fair enough?" An agreement only works when complied with by all its signatories. Unanimous adoption of the JCPOA by Security Council members made it binding international law, requiring all nations to observe its principles.

Islamic Republic history shows it's a law-abiding good neighbor at peace with the world community — polar opposite how the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners operate.

Establishment media march in lockstep with Washington's imperial agenda. They're hostile to the sovereign rights of all nations on the US target list for regime change — notably countries the US attacked aggressively, along with Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Iran.

The Wall Street Journal falsely accused Iran of "new aggressiveness." A litany of Big Lies and distortions followed.

Blaming Iran for "shooting down a US drone" failed to explain it was illegally in Iranian airspace, ignoring multiple warnings to leave before the IRGC responded to the hostile intrusion, Tehran's legal right.

The Journal turned truth on its head, claiming Iran's "policy  combines two components: noncompliance with aspects of the JCPOA (sic) and so-called gray-zone activities (sic), such as unconventional attacks through proxies (sic), sabotage of tankers and oil pipelines (sic), and the attack on the drone (sic)." 

"The common view is that Iran's goal is to pressure the US to relieve economic sanctions (sic)."

IAEA monitors affirmed Iran's fulfillment of its JCPOA obligations 15 or more times. Trump illegally pulled out. So did Europe by consistently breaching its obligations, showing no signs of a policy change.

If this trend continues, what seems most likely, the JCPOA is doomed, clearly what the Trump regime wants, apparently Europe as well as evidenced by its noncompliance.

"(S)abotage of tankers and oil pipelines" were US-staged false flags, Israel's Mossad and UK intelligence perhaps involved.

Iran had nothing to do with incidents benefitting the US and its imperial partners against the Islamic Republic alone. Not according to Mike Pompeo earlier and Israeli Mossad director Yossie Cohen, saying:

"A string of attacks on fuel installations and tankers took place in recent weeks. Finding the culprit is an essential topic of discussion, but I can say with certainty that Iran was behind these attacks (sic)." 

"They were approved by (Tehran) (sic) and executed by the Revolutionary Guards (sic)." The above accusations are bald-faced Big Lies.

There's little Iran can do "to pressure the US to relieve economic sanctions," its efforts concentrated on seeking help from supportive nations Russia, China, Turkey, and others.

The Journal: "Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, is provoking a crisis to imbue European leaders with fear of war and economic disruption so that they will lobby the US to give Iran what it wants (sic)."

The Trump regime is the crisis-provoker, not Iranian ruling authorities.

The Journal: "The JCPOA established a legal pathway for Iran to pursue a nuclear bomb" — a bald-faced Big Lie.

The Journal is militantly hostile to Iran, supporting the unlawful US regime change agenda.

According to the NYT, tankers belonging to Iran and allied nations "vanish in plain sight…to evade sanctions."

The Times and other media never explain the illegality of unilaterally imposed sanctions by one country on others.

Iran and supportive nations are legally entitled to engage in normal political, economic, financial, and trade relations, according to international law the US, its imperial partners, and the fourth estate don't recognize.

Compliance with international law requires all nations and entities to ignore illegal sanctions by any nations on others.

Observing them makes their ruling authorities complicit with criminality. Washington's geopolitical agenda shows a consistent pattern of high crimes against nations on its target list for regime change.

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