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Written by Jacek Spendel Subject: Events: Arizona

          The class of 2018 came to an end nearly a month ago. It has been fascinating three months with Project Arizona! Yet another year we had such a great experience and we met extraordinary, genuinely kind people. Good number of our allies and friends happened to be lawyers who professionally sue governments. And what their cases have in common are different kinds of violations of the principle of equality under law in form of special treatment granted to certain institutions. Observing practice of government' conduct on both sides of Atlantic I come to conclusion that it is lack of rule of law and massive cronyism that became the major problem of uncontrolled welfare state. Young European lawyers, such as Mihael and Anastasiia of Project Arizona '18, learned during their internships how to fight for equal treatment under law and protect tax payers' from being exploited to provide the chosen ones. These lessons will not be forgotten. As organizers, we will stay in close touch with our new alumni and report you about their advances. Soon we are also starting registrations for Project Arizona 2019 - so make sure to recommend us to any young talent who might be interested in being part of the Project.

Thank you for your continuous support!


Yours for Liberty, 

Jacek Spendel
Director of Project Arizona


Our fundraiser with Lawrence Reed brought some media attention. Article FEE Speaker Tells Young Eastern Europeans… Liberty Is Rare; Most Have Lived As Slaves Or Serfs was published by Mr. Dexter Guggan in The Wanderer. Enjoy reading!
Yes, we are doing other liberty oriented programs outside Project Arizona. This summer you are warmly invited to attend Liberty International World Conference in Kraków, Poland. This magnificent gathering of international liberty lovers will take place between August 12-15th. We are having great speakers, very comfortable venue, and Kraków itself guarantees it will be memorable event. Register today at and join us in celebrating liberty in Poland! 

Thanks to our two wonderful Arizona-based donors we can provide number of partial and full scholarships for young talents, covering their transportation, accommodation and participation in the Liberty International World Conference in Kraków. If you qualify for Arizona Freedom Scholarship Fund or know anyone who does, act quickly - deadline is May 15th, 2018! Please also check Liberty English Camp which will be organized by us right before the conference (August 9-12th), in the village of Ponikiew.
March 23rd-24th: We took part in the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix. It was very new but definitelly interesting experience for us. Students had an occassion to meet many extraordinary people, such as Mrs. Norma Zimdahlm, famous pianist and philanthropist. (Pictures no. 1 & 2)

March 26th: Project Arizona Class of 2018 graduation 

March 27th: Networking meeting with famous economist Mr. Barry Asmuswho discussed his latest book "The Poverty of Nations" (Picture no. 3)
March 28th: Entire Project Arizona went to Arizona Talks' event on situation of beer industry in Arizona. (Picture no. 4)

Name: Karolina Kowacka
Country: Poland
Age: 19
Education: German Philology, University of Warsaw (Poland)
Activism: Alumni (and winner) of the Polish-American Leadership Academy, interned for conservative-libertarian Polish MP, Tomasz Jaskó?a

Young dream catcher, languages lover and hard worker from Poland. This year I started my studies at the University of Warsaw. I always loved languages so I have chosen German language. I don't like doing nothing; despite learning I also work part-time for a German magazine. I really enjoy expanding my knowledge; after my internship for one of the most Freedom oriented members of Polish Parliament I found Polish-American Leadership Academy which trains how to be a successful freedom leader. After winning this course my door to the best experience of my life opened. After Project Arizona I am still really inspired by this experience. I met wonderful people (especially at the company I was interning in), I expanded my knowledge about free markets. I see economics as really interesting topic and in June I will have an opportunity to learn more about it - I will take part in FEEcon Conference in Atlanta.
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