Article Image Closing arguments will be taking place in the Morpheus trial today (Wed March 28th, 2018)


UPDATE - Morpheus has been found guilty on all 5 counts. More details to come as we get them...

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Morpheus has been found guilty on all 5 counts. Jury deliberating forfeiture aspect now. More details to come as we get them...


Closing arguments will be taking place in the Morpheus trial today. If you are in the Phoenix area please come down & show your support. Sandra Day O'Connor Federal Court House Room 602.

Sandra Day O'Connor United States Courthouse

Courthouse · Phoenix, AZ


If at all possible, please help Terry Major retrieve the transcripts of this case (at $3.65/page, the total cost of getting all the transcripts of the trial is going to be approx $6000).

Here are some important and pertinent websites:

  Court Case Document Website Funding  

I would appreciate some funds to offset the cost of the

Transcripts and the PACER documents.

Any donation to these efforts would be appreciated! (~Terry Major)


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Comment by PureTrust
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The simple, bottom line is, who is really attempting to undermine the United States Government?

The Government originally was set up in common law format. How is that? Because the framers of the Constitution were acting outside of their governmental authority (their authority to upgrade the Articles of Confederation) by making a completely new Constitution.

Later, as the Common Law Constitution was adopted, it became a legal thing for the Government. Yet for the people who were not in Government, it remained a common law thing. The fact that it is Common Law is attested to in the 9th and 10th Amendments, even though they don't say "common law" directly.

When you are in court, don't go into their legal law thing. Stay in your common law thing, where the only law that counts is if you injure someone. How might you injure someone? By actually doing damage to his property - his body is his property. Or by breaking an agreement you have with him. That's it. Period.

Google and Youtube search on "Karl Lentz common law." Or watch the videos at and

Comment by PureTrust
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Did Morpheus injure anyone? Let Morpheus at his closing words to the court at sentencing require the judge and jury to bring forth the injured party and show the injury. At this stage of the game, that's about all he has left. - The point is, you and I are guilty of all kinds of things from taking a breath of air to driving a car to you name it. So what? Let the injured party come forward, take the oath, get on the stand, show his injury(ies), and bring the proof that Morpheus did the injury, and order the amount that he needs to receive from Morpheus to make his injury whole. Bit Morpheus has to say it himself when he makes his pre-sentencing statement. See

Comment by PureTrust
Entered on: - So if the IRS tries to come to court with an attorney you knock the IRS' attorneys right out of the picture. Wait a second this is a common law court of record; I am presenting my case as an injury. I have been harmed. I’ve been injured by something or somebody, using a name called the IRS. Now their attorney can’t speak. Only the IRS can speak. Oh, IRS didn’t appear? Then i guess i win the judgment. And it’s a Nihil Dicit is Latin for "he says nothing"; a judgment for want of a plea. Stronger than just a default. The other side failed to speak. The other side failed to answer. The other side failed to tell the attorney what to do. I want my judgment and i want it now. It’s over.

Comment by Anonymous
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I am starved for news on this. There has been nothing on any source that I typically rely on.