Article Image Morpheus Pretrial Conference - Tues March 13th, 2018 - Starts at 9:30 am - PHX, AZ


Morpheus Pretrial Conference - Tues March 13th, 2018 - Starts at 9:30 am - PHX, AZ

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Morpheus has been charged with Money Laundering for selling BitCoin. He has chosen to take it to a jury trial. The outcome of this case will be very important for the future of freedom in this country as well as Morpheus' personal well being. This is the pretrial conference where motions will be argued.

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See below. Paul John Hansen - -

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Paul J Hansen has won 250 court cases in a row by asking a few simple and easy questions, what did I do, say, or sign that gives you jurisdiction over me? Do you have any evidence I ever elected to be a US citizen? Do you have any evidence that I was on land owned by united states? They lose personal jurisdiction if you have no oath of allegiance on the record, that's the only way to become a US citizen, it's by oath of allegiance (title 8), they can apply us code to you if you are on their land, so make them prove you are in city, county, or state, your address is just what the mailman tells you to put on the letters to receive mail but it is "without United States," look at all the illegal aliens driving around with no license and getting away with it, wonder why? They aren't US citizens! There are sanctuary cities everywhere illegals need no license if you have one of them in your state that's your lawful excuse, for equal protection of the law.