Article Image We**Q**re going to court = PragerU vs Google/YouTube

We're going to court = PragerU vs Google/YouTube

Written by Subject: Free Speech

Dear Freedom Lover,

Here at PragerU, we are proud to bring the principles of liberty to millions of young people on the internet every day. We were founded by nationally-syndicated radio host and bestselling author Dennis Prager, and with the support of friends like you, our reach has grown by leaps and bounds... until recently.

You see, PragerU recently filed a lawsuit against video giant YouTube and its parent company, Google, for their ongoing and systematic censorship of our videos.

For more than a year, YouTube has continued to restrict access to more and more of our videos - simply because they present a conservative point of view.

There are currently over 40 PragerU videos that are restricted, which means that millions of young adults are missing out on this valuable, educational, conservative content every day.

Silicon Valley giants like YouTube think that they can censor the ideas they don't agree with. They're trying to promote their Leftist ideology while keeping conservative principles out of the minds of college students and young adults!

Help us fight back against the censorship of our videos.

On March 15, we will be heading to court to face off against the tech giants at Google and YouTube for their censorship of our educational videos. We need your support now more than ever.

As we continue this important fight - not just for PragerU, but for freedom of speech in America - we need to win in both the court of public opinion, as well as in the actual courtroom.

We recently launched a public awareness video to bring much-needed attention to the issue. The video has already been viewed over 6 million times - but we still need to reach more people.

We've also launched an online petition to help fight back against YouTube. We currently have over 450,000 signatures — but our goal is to get over 1 million signatures so YouTube cannot ignore us anymore. With your help we can get there.

Can we count on your support as we fight to end the corporate censorship of our conservative ideas by this tech giant?

Thank you, and God bless you.

Marissa Streit
CEO, PragerU

Dennis Prager
Founder, PragerU