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Thoughts on Lightning Network....

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I came across this infographic on reddit r/bitcoin.  It was posted to illustrate how great and wonderful lightning network is supposed to be, but on the first damn page even says how banks and the NSA/ CIA will be major hubs!!!!  I know Ernie already saw this coming, but to me this is just unbelievable how out in the open it is. 

I was shocked when I read it, but even more shocked as I read through the comments section, expected to see outrage, but finding none.  It could be that the heavy censorship on that subreddit has scrubbed all the comments questioning this.  I have been banned from posting to r/bitcoin for daring to question the changes made in segwit and lightning, along with Roger Ver and many others. Anyway, thought I would share.



Highlighted area of concern:
(see graphic)

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