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Same Firm. New Name - The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm

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Why Marc J. Victor, P.C. is now

The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm

The law firm of Marc J. Victor, P.C. is changing its name to The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm to better reflect the firm's longstanding pro-freedom philosophy. Since the day Marc J. Victor became a licensed attorney, he has been an activist attorney committed to zealously advocating for individual rights and a free society. Fighting for individual rights and a free society is one of the core principles of the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm.

The law firm greatly respects the rights of others to both define and pursue their happiness regardless of ethnic background, sexual orientation, world view, religious beliefs, immigration status or any other individual trait. The law firm routinely brings arguments, motions and actions in both state and federal court as well as appellate courts to advocate for some aspect of a free society or to protect individual liberty.

As the law firm has continued to grow, Marc has remained fully committed to the pro-freedom aspect of the law firm. Indeed, no attorney is eligible to work for the law firm unless that attorney agrees in writing to the law firm's Freedom Pledge and Statement of Principles. The law firm only hires attorneys who possess the right qualities and are completely committed to the firm's principles and to fight for each client exactly as we would want to be represented ourselves.

The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm is solidly based on long established principles. We build high levels of trust with our clients by offering honest, well-reasoned advice and doing what we say we are going to do in all cases at all times. We bring a team approach and out of the box thinking to every case regardless of the practice area, whether it is criminal law, personal injury law or civil rights.

The name change better reflects the fact that the law firm now has a group of pro-freedom warrior litigation attorneys who relish any opportunity to take on the government, big insurance companies, or others who violate the rights of our clients. We take a personal interest in each client's legal issue and act accordingly to achieve the best result possible. We would be honored to advocate for you!

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