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The Best Battery for Off Grid and Solar Systems - Nickel Iron NiFe Edison Battery - "Tarrin it

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Published on Dec 20, 2016

The most difficult problem with off-grid living, solar, and wind power systems is the batteries. Traditional lead batteries are cheap but low quality and die quickly in the cold. What if a battery existed that could run for 100 years, run in any kind of weather, and was simple to maintain?

Nickel Iron (NiFe) a.k.a Edison batteries are a forgotten technology that needs to be resurrected. Here I share how they work and how people are now making their own at home. I also share Ernest Hancock's battery program and the exciting future of Nickel Iron batteries.

For more information about the Nickel Iron Battery Project find it at Freedom's Phoenix link

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Comment by Robert Anderson
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Yup. I have a 500 amp hour set of these batteries and they are chugging away fine after 5 years. I used lead acid batteries before I bought these and had to replace them about every 4 years as I hit my batteries pretty hard in my off grid home. It’s an ongoing test to see how well these batteries will hold up but as of now they were worth the money.

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