Article Image UNTHINKABLE: Sheriff Joe Criminally Charged

UNTHINKABLE: Sheriff Joe Criminally Charged (Press Release from Arpaio Campaign)

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I never, ever thought I would write this sentence but I have to tell you what is happening: I am being criminally charged.

This is breaking news and the latest development in the case Obama's corrupt DOJ started when he first came into office. I ask that you please read through this email and renew your support right away:

Just ONE DAY before early voting started in my county - in what is clearly pure politics at its WORST -- DOJ prosecutors announced that they will be charging me with criminal contempt of court!

Obama and Eric holder started this garbage eight years ago, and it is painfully obvious that the corrupt Obama Justice department is trying to influence my re-election as Sheriff.

This is a blatant abuse of power and the America people should be as outraged as I am. If you think this type political maneuvering has no place in our country, please help me fight back with an immediate donation:




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Despite this unprecedented display by a corrupt administration to end my political career, I am continuing my campaign for Sheriff because I know that the TRUTH will prevail in the end.

Let me be very clear here - this highly unusual charge of criminal contempt against a local elected law enforcement official is nothing more than a continuation of the Obama administration's War on Cops.

I need you to help me. Remember, I have not been found guilty of ANYTHING and I am still running for Sheriff because I know the TRUTH will prevail. Early voting has already begun and the media is hammering the airwaves with one-sided, slanderous coverage that may lead voters to believe I'm already out of the running.

Please make a donation of ANY AMOUNT you can afford to help me in the critical days ahead.

Thank you,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County,

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