9/11 Anniversary Rally for Truth

Written by Pat Schwind Subject: 911 / World Trade Center

Planning meeting at Pat Schwind's home, Saturday, 8-6-16, 1pm.  He's just off the 202 Fwy, in NW  Mesa, Az.  Call or text for address: 480-250-8182.   Pat'll provide the pizza, salad, drinks & Eskimo Pies.  Bring tech savvy friends, to help us spread the word. On Sunday 9-11, we plan to conduct peaceful demonstrations for 9-11 Truth, through calm interaction with regular folks at a few "9-11 Memorial", ("Support the Cops & Soldiers") events.  We hope to raise awareness about the real truth of 9-11, by disseminating small pamphlets, holding non-offensive signs, & engaging the participants in a dialog designed to pique interest, enhance awareness of the associated science, & the good we're trying to do for mankind.