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Freedom's Phoenix Newsprint Newspaper June 2016 Edition - Online Version Ready For Download!

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The June 2016 Edition of the Freedom's Phoenix Newspaper focuses on Perspectives on Freedom from Around the World, using an Interactive Newspaper with QR Codes used like online hypertext.

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Ernest Hancock - Freedom... There's an App for That

Paul Rosenberg - Without Apology

Charles Goyette - - STATE MORONS: Regulating Us into Poverty

Davi Barker - Authoritarian Sociopathy

Dr. Phranq Tamburri - Listen up Fed!: Trust in the Power
of Nature!

Larken Rose - The Way Out

Luke Rudkowski - Changing the World

Alessandro Fusillo - Living in the Socialist Commonwealth

Drew Phillips - The Decentralized Marketplace

James Babb - Elect an Overseer or Join the Rebellion

Tone Vays - The Top Use Cases for BItcoin

Paige Peterson - A SAFE Network Update; The Decentralized Internet

Richard Grove - The Future of Freedom

Marc J Victor - A Celebration for Criminals

Mikolaj Pisarski - Liberty in our Lifetime? The Case of Poland

Magdalena Kurzajczyk - Project Arizona: Empower Youth with Liberty!

David Rodriquez - The Underground History of American Education
Doug Scribner - A Video Platform for the Art & Soul Using Bitcoin via WatchMyBit

Cody Wilson - Ghost Gunner2

Adam Kokesh - FREEDOM!

Tarrin Lupo - Gardening Indoors