US Genocide in Iraq

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US Genocide in Iraq

by Stephen Lendman

Since Jimmy Carter instigated the 1980s Iran/Iraq War, millions of Iraqi civilians perished from endless conflicts, devastating violence, preventable diseases and starvation - continuing today without letup, US barbarity fully responsible.

Bush administration officials remain unaccountable for genocidal massacres, Fallujah residents horrifically punished by US viciousness - on the phony pretext of pursuing resistance leaders, slaughtering civilians in cold blood.

On April 7, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said tens of thousands of the city's original population of over 300,000 "are besieged by the government, trapped by ISIS, and are starving."

Supply routes are blocked. Desperately needed aid can't get in. HRW representatives have no access to the city.

Activists in contact with residents say they're eating soup made from grass and flat breads from ground date seeds.

"What little food remains is being sold at prices" few residents can afford, said HRW. Sustenance needed to sustain life is mostly unavailable at any price.

Scores died this year for lack of food and/or medical care, the elderly and young children most affected.

A campaign called "Fallujah Is Being Killed by Starvation" seeks to draw attention to untenable conditions. Suffering, desperation and deprivation affect the entire remaining population, its survival imperiled.

A mother drowned herself and her two children for lack of sustenance to survive and no way of getting it.

ISIS controls the city. Government forces block food and other essentials to life from entering. Residents are trapped, unable to leave. Anyone trying risks death.

Conflict claimed many civilian lives, including by government forces, operating like America, disdainful of human life, mindless of who's killed or harmed.

According to HRW's Joe Stork, "(t)he humanitarian picture in Fallujah is bleak and getting bleaker. Greater international attention to the besieged towns and cities of the region is needed or the results for civilians could be calamitous."

America's rage to dominate bears full responsibility for genocide regionally and elsewhere. Its killing machine shows no mercy anywhere, including at home.

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