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Second Degree Murder charges against Mesa Police Officer

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Hi all.  As you may already know, we are all over the news tonight.  The Maricopa County Attorney decided to bring 2nd degree murder charges against the Mesa Police officer who shot and killed Daniel Shaver at the La Quinta Inn in Mesa.  We represent Daniel's widow Laney Sweet and their two young daughters in the wrongful death case.  I'm also going to appear in court on the criminal case representing the victims.  This is going to be a big story.  Our official press release is attached.




On behalf of her two young daughters, the victim Laney Sweet wants everyone to know her husband Daniel Shaver was a wonderful and devoted husband and father.  He was a kind, loving and peaceful human being.  His tragic and senseless murder has caused irreparable devastation to all their lives.  Today's announcement of 2nd degree murder charges against Mesa Police Officer Brailsford is the first step towards justice for Daniel and his family.  We commend Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery for his decision to bring these criminal charges, and we fully expect justice will be served.

The law firm of Marc J. Victor, P.C. represents Daniel Shaver's widow, Laney Sweet, and their two young daughters in a wrongful death action against the City of Mesa.  A thirty-five million dollar notice of claim has already been served upon the City of Mesa and is currently pending.  A civil law suit is expected to be filed within the next few months.

The civil law suit will proceed independent of the criminal case.  Marc J. Victor will represent Laney Sweet as a "victim" in the criminal matter.  An initial appearance in the criminal case has been scheduled for March 15, 2016 at 2pm.

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