Article Image Arizona Sci Tech Gila County Festival - February 26-28, 2015


Arizona Sci Tech Gila County Festival - February 26-28, 2015

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Visitors will see a showcase of the amazing technology and innovation in Gila Valley businesses, health services, education and environmental research and preservation.  This collaborative Festival aims to get students and their families excited about science, technology, engineering and math and the wide variety of possible careers they may choose — right at home in the Gila Valley of Arizona!

February 26-28, 2015

1.    Student Activities Center: Health Screenings, Blood Draws, Vendor Showcase and all traditional Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center Health Fair Activities
2.    Helicopter – Taz Brinkerhoff and Mark Kempton – Lawn outside the Activities Center
3.    Gila Valley Farming Technology – Bill Brandau/Cindy Pearson – U of A Cooperative Extension
Additional Activities on Saturday, February 28
4.    Crash Scene – Mark Madsen with the Town of Thatcher Police Department
5.    Thermite/Elephant Toothpaste – Joel Shelton – Sand Volleyball Court
·    Witness some exciting exothermic chemical demonstrations.
6.    Bowling Ball Swing – Madhuri Bapat –Trees by the canal
·    Explore physics concepts with a bowling ball swing and a bed of nails
7.    Water quality analysis of Tap water vs. Canal Water – Dave Henson – Bridge over the canal
·    A look at the composition of water chemistry using high tech digital hydrolab equipment. Tests for pH, DO2, EC, Temp., salinity, and TDS. Explore how the earth serves as a natural filter for well and aquifer water.
8.    Trebuchet – Tom Palmer – Lawn area west of the Math/Science Building
·    Learn engineering skills using a custom trebuchet machine to launch projectiles in a challenge that will test distance, accuracy and power!
9.    Solar Telescopes – David Morris – Lawn area west of the Math/Science Building
·    Safely view the sun with a solar telescope
10.    Welding Demonstrations – Dee Lauritzen – North Entrance to the Math/Science Building
·    Simple welding techniques will be demonstrated
11.    Plastic Injection Molding Machine – Dee Lauritzen – NC-1
·    Create simple medallions for key rings with this injection molding machine
12.    Hydraulic/Pneumatic Trainer/Lab Scope – Brian Coppola – NC-1
13.    3-D Printer – Dee Lauritzen – NC-1
14.    Green Screen Video – Dee Lauritzen – NC-1
15.    Rangoli Art or Physics Activity – Madhuri Bapat – MS-105
16.    Planetary Science Activity – David Morris – MS-316
·    This activity will involve using the vacuum pump to create 'boiling cold water' and demonstrate other properties of air and atmospheres in general.
17.    Rock and Mineral Properties and Identification – David Morris – MS-316
·    A rock and mineral properties and identification demonstration suitable for all ages.
18.    The Amazing Body – Tammy Gillespie – MS-312
·    Come and experiment with the wonderful, yet sometimes puzzling, things about our bodies.  Like why I can't taste things when I have a cold; or why my kids won't eat broccoli; or what are those lights I see when I push on my closed eyes.  So much to learn and explore!
19.    Fighting Pathogens and Sickness – Willis Haws – MS-412
·    Find out how hand washing, a technique that we need to do better on, can stop the spread of pathogens and sickness.
20.    DNA Fingerprinting – Michael McCarthy – MS-420
·    Find the criminal or the true father of that baby.  The use of DNA fingerprinting is used on every crime show on TV.  Daytime shows confirm the paternity of the baby using DNA.  How does that work?  Come to the biology department and learn the characteristics of DNA that allow it to be used to identify these people.  See a demonstration of how DNA fingerprinting works.
21.    Cartesian Divers – Duane DeSpain – MS-401
·    Learn about Cartesian Divers - a Make-&-Take Activity
22.    Silvering Bottles and Christmas Ornaments – Joel Shelton – MS-407
·    Mix chemicals to create a beautiful silver bottle or ornament.
23.    The Expansion of Matter  - Rebecca Bell –MS-402
·    Compete to create the quickest Film Canister Popper and use an Alcohol cannon to shoot a Nerf ball into a basketball hoop.
24.    Blood and Bones – Carolyn McCormies –MS-103
·    Draw blood from a mannequin and create a finger cast as you learn some exciting nursing skills.
25.    Rolling River Floodplain   – Bill Brandau/Cindy Pearson – U of A Cooperative Extension
26.    Leaky House Water Conservation - Bill Brandau/Cindy Pearson – U of A Cooperative Extension
North Campus Presentations
11:00    A Mutualistic Symbiotic Relationship: Partnering with Eastern Arizona College on STEM Based Projects – Dave Henson
11:30    Size and Age of the Universe – David Morris –Explore the size and age of the Universe through a visually driven query and response roundtable.
12:00     Solar System activity – David Morris - Community members learn the relative scale of our solar system by creating a pocket sized scale model. This activity is for all ages.
12:30    (open)
1:00    Chemistry Magic Show – Watch chemistry come alive with some exciting chemistry demonstrations – Organic Chemistry Students

EAC Discovery Park Campus - Saturday, February 28, 2015

4:00pm        EAC Discovery Park Campus open to public
4:00pm – 6:30pm    Student musicians performing in the Grand Kiva (Schedule still pending)
    4:00pm – 4:30pm    Pima High School Choir – Mr. Bradley
    4:30pm – 5:00pm    Pima High School Band – Mrs. Bennett
    5:00pm – 5:30pm    Thatcher Middle School Choir – Mrs. Smith
    5:30pm – 6:00pm    Thatcher High School Instrumental – Ms. Sundt
    6:00pm – 6:30 pm    Thatcher High School Choir – Mrs. Brown
    6:30pm – 7:00pm    the Gila Valley String Quartet – Franklin Alvarez

4:00pm – 6:00pm     Seed project at greenhouse - Gila Watershed Partnership

4:00pm – 6:00pm     Freeport-McMoRan Owl pellet activity in conjunction with Science City

6:30pm – 8:30pm    Star gazing with Desert SkyGazers Astronomy Club EAC Astronomy

6:30pm – 8:30pm    Galleries, Polaris Shuttle Simulator, Video in Jupiter Room

9:00pm        Festival Closes