Article Image Special One Night Only screening of Award winning Film narrated by William Baldwin


Special One Night Only screening of Award winning Film narrated by William Baldwin

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William Baldwin Narrates Award-Winning Documentary Film on
Climate Engineering (AKA Geoengineering)

Screenings Coming to Local Theaters Across the Country

Phoenix, Arizona (Jan. 20, 2015) – Climate engineering (aka geoengineering) is the single largest environmental threat our planet faces today. LOOK UP! is the first film to shine the light on this critically urgent topic. Narrated by William Baldwin, the award-winning documentary features interviews with Presidential Science Advisor John Holdren, Dane Wigington, Harvard Professor Dr. David Keith, Former FL Speaker of the House Tom Gustafson, and the highly successful Thrive Movement's founders Kimberly and Foster Gamble.  A special screening will be held on Feb. 5, 2015, 7:30 p.m. at Harkins North Valley 16 Theatre, 3420 E. Bell Road, Phoenix, Arizona. Tickets are available now by reservation at:     

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Director George Barnes stumbled on climate engineering while testing a time-lapse camera rig for the Volkswagen Beetle launch campaign in his front yard in New Jersey. He accidentally played the footage backwards and was shocked at what he saw: the entire white overcast sky was being created by jets flying in a grid pattern, leaving white trails that didn't dissipate, but rather expanded to form a thin white cloud cover.  Within hours of doing research, he learned that what he witnessed was the unregulated, untested science of climate engineering.

LOOK UP! is the first-ever issue-based film to integrate an award-winning mobile app enabling education as well as instantaneous viewer activism that, to date, has resulted in 500K petitions being sent to users geo-located legislators Twitter feeds.
"Many citizens are extremely concerned about the environment and climate engineering. Our hope is that we can continue to grow the groundswell of activism and ultimately effect change," says Barnes. "This film is a life-changer -- once you watch it, you will never look up at the sky in the same way again."

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