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Save Tonopah Rob's Farm

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I am an all natural fruit and vegetable farmer. All natural is better than organic. I use no chemicals at all; organic farming has over 700 different types of sprays, chemicals and other stuff to use on their crops. I'm a bee keeper too.  My farm is where doctors and other health professionals send their patients to come and get healthy.  People fighting cancer, auto-immune diseases and many other things that can be deadly and these people need my farm to help them conquer their illnesses. I'm in dire need of financial help to maintain my farm and begin aquaponics, farming with fish and plants.  I've run out of my own money to continue funding my farm.  I farm according to wind directions, moon cycles and support a unique eco-system raising beneficial insects, giving honey bees the chance to live and grow their hives and I raise many chickens and turkeys for eggs and pets.  You can check out my web site at and click onto the tab about tonopah rob.  I am a very honest farmer with many years of integrity growing great veggies, fruit, flowers, honey and eggs.  Please support me so I can continue farming for the healthy and the unhealthy.