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Arizona Breakfast Club - December 6, 2014 - Dr. Peter Steinmetz

Written by Subject: Gun Rights

Arizona Breakfast Club - December 6, 2014


Dr. Steinmetz on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show...

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2014-12-03 Hour 2 Dr. Peter Steinmetz

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Dr. Peter N. Steinmetz - In Studio

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TOPIC: TSA hassling those who protest them...

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Gun Rights detailed in Arizona. Special Action to the Arizona Supreme Court:

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2014-11-12 Hour 3 Dr Peter Steinmetz

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Dr. Peter N Steinmetz - In Studio

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NOV 5TH, 2014...

Charges dropped for man who brought gun to Sky Harbor

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has agreed not to pursue charges against a man who carried an AR-15 rifle into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in July as long as he meets certain requirements, records show.

Dr. Peter Steinmetz, a director at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, had been facing two counts of disorderly conduct. After signing a "pre-indictment resolution offer" on Tuesday, Steinmetz told 12 News that the deal was a victory for gun-rights advocates.

"I certainly didn't intend to commit a crime; I did not commit a crime," Steinmetz said. "I think the important point that was made is that, in fact, as Americans, we have a non-infringeable right to keep and bear arms and that you can legally do so at Sky Harbor Airport."

The agreement stipulates that Steinmetz must complete NRA-certified courses by the end of March 2015 and avoid openly carrying a firearm in the Valley's major airports for the next two years, although he may carry a concealed firearm. He is also required to make a $500 donation to the Rio Salado Sportsman's Club Youth Program.

In the agreement signed by Steinmetz, his attorney and Deputy County Attorney Keith D. Manning, prosecutors also reserved the right to file criminal charges if Steinmetz "violates any term or condition of this agreement."

Steinmetz received national attention in July after walking around Sky Harbor with an AR-15 slung over his shoulder during a self-described coffee run.

While bringing the gun to the airport is not illegal, Steinmetz was arrested on suspicion of two counts of disorderly conduct after the gun's muzzle reportedly faced toward a frightened woman and her daughter, according to Phoenix police. Barrow put Steinmetz on a brief administrative leave, and he returned to work a week later, he said Tuesday.

Steinmetz said that his trip to the airport was peaceful until the police arrested him and that few people noticed he had a gun as he walked through one of the airport's busiest terminals.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Wednesday he disagreed that Steinmetz went almost unnoticed.

"I watched the videotape," Montgomery told reporters during a scheduled biweekly news conference. "I watched people grab their children and walk the other way to get away from him, and if his powers of observation are that weak, he should probably lock his weapons up in a gun safe and hide the key and forget where it is."

Marc Victor, Steinmetz's lawyer, said the county attorney's decision validated his client's actions and proved he never broke the law.

"To charge him with a crime when he didn't commit a crime would be outrageous," Victor said. "And so, it's a fair and reasonable result because it doesn't put any kind of requirements that are onerous on my client."

Victor said airport surveillance video shows that Steinmetz was carrying his gun peacefully and legally.

"He didn't go there with the intent of disturbing anybody's peace," Victor said. "He wasn't aware of disturbing anybody's peace. And he never recklessly displayed a firearm."

But Montgomery said the Second Amendment must be exercised properly.


Arizona State Worker Fights to Carry Gun to Job

From July 7, 2008...

A Second Amendment group in Arizona is rallying behind a woman there who wants the right to carry a pistol to work.

Shannon Flynn, an Arizona Department of Revenue collector, wants to carry her 9 mm pistol to her state office because she fears her father, now serving time in state prison for molesting her, will come after her when he is released.

The gun rights group Brassroots, based in Tucson, Arizona, is calling on its members and others to lobby the office of the governor and state legislators to allow Flynn to carry her gun.

Brassroots President Gary Taylor said there is a state statute that lets security officers in government buildings disarm citizens, but only if the agency safely stores the weapon in a safe or any other safe place.

"Under Arizona state law, there is a statute called 13-3102 and it states that any public building that prohibits the carrying of firearms by people, whether concealed or not, they (the state) have to provide a place to store them," said Brassroots President Gary Taylor.

"If they provide a storage locker, they must provide security for it. In other words, you can give to the (security) guard and he can keep for you until you are ready to leave," said Taylor.

But Arizona state law currently bans gun-carrying by employees, and state Revenue Department head Mark Killian has told employees they can't carry a gun into the building, according to his spokesman, Jeff Kros.

"We have an (Arizona) Attorney General's opinion that states that it is state policy for all buildings, not just Revenue, obviously, but every building the state owns, that employees are not permitted to bring weapons in at anytime," said Kros. "That's the state policy and we are just following what the state's guidelines are here."


Ernest Hancock - Arizona Supreme Court Special Action Petition - From Dec 2005...

(Publisher: This lawsuit against the State of Arizona is what prompted the following article to be published in the Arizona Republic Newspaper and the New York Times coverage of the issue)

Arizona Republic June 2002

Why trust the politicians who take your guns? by Ernest Hancock

New York Times
Gun Owners Take Their Concerns to Court


5739 N. 11TH WAY

PHOENIX, AZ. 85014







MARK KILLIAN – Director, CASE NO. CV-02-0161-SA

Arizona Department of Revenue


ELLIOT HIBBS – Director,

Arizona Department of Administration

JANE HULL – Governor of

The State of Arizona


Petitioner alleges:

1. That, as provided in Rule 3 of the Rules of Procedure for Special Actions and Article 5 Section 5 Clause 1 of the Arizona State Constitution. The Respondents have blatantly and severely violated the Enabling Act of June 20th 1910, the clear language of the Arizona State Constitution and its original intent and the United States Constitution and will continue to do so without direct intervention of this court.

2. On Wednesday May 8th, 2002 at 12:30pm the petitioner entered the Arizona State Department of Revenue, a public building, to conduct required business (see attached declaration of Ernest Hancock appendix page 1.

3. The petitioner was refused access to this public building because he was in possession of his firearm. (Hancock Declaration app. pg. 1)

4. Petitioner had right to access to the Arizona State Department of Revenue, a public building to conduct business therein. Respondent had a duty to permit petitioner's access without discretion.

5. Not withstanding Petitioner's right to access to the public building and the respondent's duty to grant access the respondent did knowingly, willfully and unlawfully refuse petitioner's access to said building solely because he was in possession of his firearm.



From Dr. Steinmetz's Attorney, Marc Victor:

I am happy to announce that we have reached an Agreement with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office regarding my client Peter Steinmetz. Pursuant to the Agreement, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office has agreed not to pursue any charges against Mr. Steinmetz as a result of his peacefully and openly carrying his AR-15 rifle at Sky Harbor Airport. At all times, Mr. Steinmetz has maintained, and continues to maintain, his innocence. I appreciate the careful consideration given to the evidence by Mr. Montgomery and his office. Mr. Steinmetz is obviously pleased with the decision not to pursue any charges against him, and he maintains the importance of peacefully defending important, fundamental, constitutional rights. Mr. Steinmetz intends to continue to peacefully advocate for the rights of responsible gun owners to safely keep and bear arms.