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Chief Tranter Endorses Matt Papke for Tempe City Council

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Matthew Papke for Tempe City Council 2014
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One of the most important duties I have as your next councilman is ensuring that proper funding and policies are in place to protect our residents from crime. There is truly no more pressing concern for me than the preservation of your life, liberty, and property
"Matt Papke understands the need for a local focus on combating criminal activity. Matt's dad spent thirty years with me as a Tempe Police Officer and I endorse Matt fully in his pursuit of a Tempe City Council seat. When it comes to Public Safety, Matt Papke will not let budget concerns get in the way of our Police and Fire needs. Matt will place a sharp focus on local crime and work to secure our streets for the families of Tempe. Remember to vote for Matt Papke on election day. " - Chief Tranter (ret)
I am tough on crime. Tempe currently holds the highest violent and property crime rates in the East Valley. That is one record to which we do not want to lay claim. Defending your liberty while upholding the oath of office is paramount to me. That is why I am so excited to share this endorsement from Tempe Police Chief Ralph Tranter (ret).

Please support my efforts to bring a sharp focus back to the local crime that is plaguing our city. Please donate today.


Matt Papke

Matthew Papke for Tempe City Council 2014 · PO BOX 7748 , Tempe, Arizona 85281, United States

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Comment by PureTrust
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Stop kidding yourself. Wanna be tough on crime? More cops better armed isn't the way. Why not? Because you never know if it's the cops that are doing the crime. and recent statistics from around the nation suggest that cop crime is way bigger than anything else.

If you really want to stop crime, make it a city law that everybody 18 or older is required to open carry a loaded pistol not smaller than a .38 when he/she is not on his/her own private property. If you only MAKE such an ordinance, even the cops will not pester you to attempt to enforce it. And the rest of the crooks and criminals will simply be gone.

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