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Stewart Rhodes In Molon Labe! Movie Nearing Completion

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From Oath Keepers:
Below is the most current progress report from James Jaeger, the creator of MOLON LABE!, the movie on the whole message of the Second Amendment. Before reading that, please note that only a few of Oath Keepers chapters have sent in the $200.00 donations to have their chapter listed in the end-credits of this movie/documentary.

For our newest members, who may not know about Oath Keepers' involvement in this important film - this movie features Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, Oath Keepers Chaplain Chuck Baldwin, former Oath Keepers Board member David R. Gillie, alongside G. Edward Griffin, Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Edwin Vieira, Jr., and other experts on the U.S. Constitution. The purpose of the film is to fully charge our nation to return to the Militia of the several States as required by our U.S. Constitution.

Oath Keepers is the only organization officially calling for reinstating the Constitutional Militia of the several States. Reading Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.s' book, The Sword And Sovereignty, will show why. As you read the progress report below, please consider making your own donation toward the completion of this film. Donations of a hundred dollars or more will receive end-credits in the film. Donations of $200.00 or more by our State, County, or Local chapters will get your chapter's name into the end-credits.  Join Connecticut Oath Keepers and Montana Oath Keepers as chapter sponsors of this movie by pooling your chapter members' donations to total $200.00 or more and write to me - Elias Alias

Dear MOLON LABE Donor or Associate,
As of Friday, 06 September 2013, the fine cut for MOLON LABE - How the Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom was completed!  We have been in production since May 2012, a total of about 16 months.  At this time I want to report the financial data to you out of respect for your contributions and to give you a better idea of what was required to produce MOLON LABE.
To date we have raised the sum of $84,002 for the production of MOLON LABE, the anticipated Production Budget being $95,995.  The source of the sums raised came from the following groups of contributions:
117 Donors from previous MEC films. . . . . . . .  $33,661 (40%)
168 Donors from Oath Keepers membership . . . . .   15,341 (18%)
Henrietta Jaeger  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   20,000 (24%)
Loans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  15,000 (18%)
TOTAL RAISED TO DATE  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $84,002
The MEC and Oath Keeper donor profiles are as follows:
$20,000 came from 1 donor = 20,000
10,000 came from 1 donor = 10,000
$5000 came from 1 donor  = 5,000
$3000 came from 1 donor = 3,000
$1000 came from 5 donors = 5,000
$500 came from 7 donors = 3,500
$567 came from 1 donor = 567
$435 came from 1 donor = 435
$300 came from 3 donors = 900
$250 came from 12 donors = 3,000
$200 came from 1 donor = 200
$100 came from 120 donors = 12,000
$60 came from 1 donor = 60
$65 came from 1 donor = 65
$25 came from 47 donors = 1,175
$50 came from 82 donors = 4,100
------------------------------ ---
In total, the sum of $69,002 came from 286 donors.
Given this, we are only $26,993 away from raising the projected budget of $95,995 and repaying the loan of $15,000.  I am hoping additional donations will come in and/or there will be presales for the DVD and that these will generate the needed sum.  A substantial portion of the sum needed to fund the rest of the budget (about $10,000) is needed to do an initial marketing campaign.  As part of this campaign, we would like to launch a saturation news release like we did for SPOILER.  A news release to every newspaper, TV/radio station and internet news service in the U.S. could direct hundreds of thousands, even millions of people, to MOLON LABE's release and the sites that carry it.
To generate the $26,993 we need, we still have one "Presentation" screen credit ($30,000) and one "Executive Producer" screen credit ($10,000) available.  Smaller donations of any amount are also still welcome.  See to donate.  If these donations are received, we will have met the last funding requirements for this film project.(1) See the trailer at
I, and the other producers, are extremely grateful to the 168 members of Oath Keepers, the 117 people from Matrix Entertainment's previous productions, Henrietta Jaeger, Brian Rockey, SC (who wishes to remain anonymous), Dan Happel and several other $1,000-plus donors for their most generous contributions.(2)  Thank you.  We are still hoping that additional members of Oath Keepers and other gun associations (like Gun Owners of America and the NRA) will help us with the final donations, or at the very least, promote MOLON LABE on their sites so Americans can get the DVD.
The fine cut for MOLON LABE came in at 116-minutes long.  The last things to do are complete the end titles/name tags and spot the music.  This should be done by Friday, 13 September 2013.
I am sorry that we did not get MOLON LABE done by Labor Day, but it does look like it will be done by Constitution Day.  Our last five films took an average of about 18 months to complete, so MOLON LABE was actually completed a little ahead of schedule due to the fact that it was a little better funded than our last ones, thanks to you.  The fuller a film is funded, the quicker it can be produced and/or the better the production values.  This is true for all films and most manufacturing processes.
After Friday, we will fully focus on the DVD manufacturing and the release of MOLON LABE and brief you accordingly.  Other than one or more possible premiere screenings around the country, we will not be placing MOLON LABE into the public domain for 2 - 6 months.  Given the number of people that have screened the trailer, we estimate there may be a pent-up demand for at least 10,000 DVDs.  If we were to place MOLON LABE on YouTube or the web for free, most of these people would simply watch it for free and that would be the end of it.  Usually people don't value what they get for free.  On the other hand, if each of these people were to purchase a DVD for the anyone-can-afford price of $19.70, we would generate an after-expense sum of about $150,000.  With these proceeds of distribution we would probably not need to come to you for donations for future films.  Also, with such cash-flow funding, future films could be produced in 9 months instead of 16 or 18 and at quality levels that are more "mainstream."
It has always been my intention to place our films in the public domain and we have done so with our last five films: FIAT EMPIRE, ORIGINAL INTENT, CULTURAL MARXISM, CORPORATE FASCISM and SPOILER.  All of these can be screened for free at OriginalIntentDoc  As a result, millions have seen these films and millions will continue to see them. 
But if these films don't generate the wherewithal to continue -- or because no one knows about them due to poor dissemination and marketing -- this places too much pressure on a handful of donors such as you.  I personally don't think it's fair that only a tiny fraction of the American public finances socially-responsible films about our Constitution, yet this is a document (and these are films) that benefit ALL of the American public.
So please rattle the cage of your friends who have been sitting on the fence doing nothing, or who have been endlessly complaining about how bad it all is.  Help us complete MOLON LABE with whatever donation you can afford and help us get DVDs into the public's hands.  If you have donated $1,000 or more you will be able to get MOLON LABE DVDs at the manufacturing cost and if you have donated anything you are welcome to a free copy of the movie if you notify us that you want one.
MOLON LABE -- being the 6th installment of our Constitutional films -- could live on and circulate for decades if not generations.(3)  Few, if any, are making films that explain Constitutional principles as carefully and honestly as the experts in our films.  Please consider that when so many people, places and things compete for your financial allocations.  These movies will be seen by millions: kids, students, citizens and even people in foreign countries wanting to know HOW the United States of America was built and WHAT was the blueprint for that success, prosperity and freedom?  We are showing them and changing the world.

------------------------------ --
(1) The official MOLON LABE trailer is still at so please post this URL on your FACEBOOK page and website and forward it to your email list as often as possible.
(2) Something that rarely gets mentioned is this: the experts that have appeared in MOLON LABE, and the other films, have done this without charge.  They have donated their time to make these movies happen.  Granted we don't ask for too much of their time, but the wisdom they bring is priceless.  In all honesty, I would have no idea how to compensate an opinion leader/celebrity like Chuck Baldwin, Pat Buchanan, David Gillie, G. Edward Griffin, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Larry Pratt, Walter Reddy, Stewart Rhodes, Jack Rooney, Larken Rose or Edwin Vieira with mere Federal Reserve Notes.  The only way I can hope to thank them is to work hard to help create a vehicle, a movie, that educates the public by getting their priceless words out.  And these words we all believe will make this a better nation, a nation that better understands the principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution.
(3) This is especially important considering a new national survey just revealed that 35% of those surveyed on naming at least one of the rights set forth in the First Amendment failed the test.  This is the government-sponsored, public school system and the Keynesian-infested/European Socialist economic system at work corrupting America.