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Harhea Phoenix (Arabic for Freedom's Phoenix) postings to their Arabic Facebook page blocked

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Freedom's Phoenix has a tab on it's front page labeled 'Special Editions'. This allows for people to copy the template of Freedom's Phoenix and create their own page that they can monitor and post stories to, have their own advertisers, and use it to get their particular message out. There is also a 'Translate Page' tab on the front page of Freedom's Phoenix that will translate your page into over 39 different languages. (See picture below):
One of those Special Edition pages is Harhea Phoenix where we take all the middle east stories that are posted on Freedom's Phoenix and put them on Harhea Phoenix. Then every day, we translate the Harhea Phoenix page into Arabic and post the translated stories to our Arabic Facebook and Twitter Pages. We started doing this over a year and a half ago, during the Arab Spring uprisings. We also had The Philosophy of Liberty translated into Arabic, copied it to DVD's and sent hundreds of them to a contact in Egypt.

The postings that we do from the Arabic translated Harhea Phoenix Special Edition page to the Harhea Phoenix Facebook page was put to a stop today. The excuse used by Facebook was that the content we are trying to share has been blocked for being 'spammy or unsafe' - and also 'abusive' (after trying to post several of the other stories thinking maybe there was a problem with a particular story, this same block message came up with all of the stories that I tried to post to the Harhea Phoenix Facebook page)

So a correspondence was sent to Facebook asking them to explain. It will be interesting to see what their response will be.
I guess they don't want people in the Arabic world to know the truth, either....
We will keep you posted as to what happens with Facebook.

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