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Our looming choice: Gandhi or “Else…” Liberty through peace, or not. Webinar TONIGHT 7 pm EST

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Today we have a choice:
Either we embrace the principles and peaceful methods utilized (successfully)
by Gandhi to throw off his tyrants, secure Justice and restore Liberty, 
OR our nation faces a very uncertain future with increasingly limited
choices and opportunities by which we can secure those ends.

This is the Constitution Lobby:

Well organized, mass movement, peaceful & effective civic resistance.
Locally controlled, well-funded, professionally managed Constitutional activism.

Just 3% of America CAN DO THIS!



Bob Schulz responds to Judge Andrew Napolitano's recent challenge to "We the People" regarding the Constitution and what to do when the government abandons the Rule of Law.

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Imagine a  *non-political*, well-funded, locally controlled organization in every state dedicated solely to defending the state and federal Constitutions. Imagine just 3% of Americans joining together to Organize and systematically hold every government official across the nation, from city councilmen to the President, accountable to the the Rule of Law!

This IS the WTP Constitution Lobby project!
Learn more: Constitution Lobby

Freedom Rising:

"We're Getting Organized!" Webinars

Join us for a Live Webinar!

Give Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore an hour of your time and hear about the non-political plan to permanently organize We The People across America to hold government accountable and restore constitutional governance.  Tell a friend.  See our new online organizing Tools and see the Plan.


THURS. MAY 17, 2012


MON. MAY 21, 2012
7:00pm-8:00pm Eastern

THUR. -- MAY 17,  7 - 8 pm Eastern

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MON -- MAY 21,  7 - 8 pm Eastern

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Join Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore as they roll out plans to get WE THE PEOPLE organized county-to-county, state to state and across America, in defense of the Constitution.

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Comment by Anon Patriot
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This is awesome! There need be no violence.  We simply need to change the way we do things.  Starve the beast!

We already have Fukushima Radiation.  Now, Netan-YAHOO, the crazed Ashke-NAZI Khazar, wants to start WWIII?  What a FREAK.  We NEED RON PAUL IN THE WHITE HOUSE - NOW!

Ok, everybody – IF you did NOTHING to support Ron Paul, in his Campaign for President, in 2012 – YOU MAY EFFECTIVELY THANK YOURSELVES FOR ANOTHER 4 YEARS!, OF THE INCREASINGLY CORRUPT STATUS QUO, AND ATTENDANT LOSS OF LIBERTY – NOT TO MENTION – FOUR MORE YEARS OF OBAMNEY! I’ve already donated $200.00 – $100.00 on President’s Day – Feb. 20th, and $100.00, on Tax Day – April 15th – so, if you’ve done more than that, by volunteering, or donating FIAT CURRENCY – THANK YOU!  IF you haven’t – RE-READ THE ABOVE. I will be making another donation on May 17th, an early donation, that otherwise would have been made on JULY 4TH, 2012).

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