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The new fake "conservative" call for a Constitutional Convention

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oldie, but goodie, and relevant for the 2014 AZ legislative session

 The neocons are at it again.  This time, they want to call a con-con and say that our freedoms put into concrete by the founding fathers will be protected and cite "studies."  Don't believe it for a second.  This is another fake-out designed to lure the teaparty.
Here is some research....
The misaptly named "" which, naturally, will result in your freedoms being taken away if their objective is reached:
WHOIS information for :
[Querying] [] Domain ID:D157184608-LROR Domain Name:RESTORINGFREEDOM.ORG Created On:24-Sep-2009 19:13:06 UTC Last Updated On:13-Oct-2010 02:10:56 UTC Expiration Date:24-Sep-2014 19:13:06 UTC Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC (R63-LROR) Status:CLIENT TRANSFER PROHIBITED Registrant ID:43976146-NSI Registrant Name:James Booth Registrant Street1:17904 Benchmark Dr. Registrant City:Dallas Registrant State/Province:TX Registrant Postal Code:75252 Registrant Country:US Registrant Phone:+1.8173661801 Registrant  
They are calling it "an amendment" but nothing stops them from rewriting the constitution once the convention is called.
EXCERPT: "When James Booth of Dallas, Texas called Glenn Hughes of Scottsdale, Arizona about a business opportunity a year ago, he had no idea he would soon be talking about amending the United States Constitution."
EXCERPT: " was co-founded by businessmen James Booth of Dallas, Texas, and Glenn Hughes of Scottsdale, Ariz. Hughes says the two men began by exchanging e-mails "
Who is Glenn Hughes of Scottsdale?
-He donated the max to the McCain puppet Jim Ward running for CD-5 in the 2010 primary
- He donated the max to the NWO puppet Mike Huckabee
- And he's an "investor" in Mortgage "Solutions" of Arizona

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Comment by marilyn krausch
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Comment by Alice Smith
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What Freedom's Phoenix failed to do in this article, (even though they may have in other articles) is outline for people WHY this Constitutional Convention is so dangerous to our freedoms.  A Constitutional Convention would open up our Constitution to be rewritten by the same gangsters, traitors, and puppets, (GTP for short - this also includes the sold-out phony republicans - which is most of them),  that are ignoring our Constitution.  You'd better believe that those GTPs, would eliminate all in the Constitution that PROTECTS our freedom and limits government.  Every single one of these GTPs, that I've seen, have all been globalists that don't have an ounce of allegiance to our country.  They are traitors in every sense of the word. The NEW Constitution would probably end up a document that resembles the UN's World Constitution where a significant change can be found that differs from our Constitution.  In our Constitution, our rights are granted from God and are UNALIENABLE.  (can't be taken away)  Whereas, in the UN's World Constitution rights are granted by government and subject to the whims of those in government.  Even the dumbest of the dumb should be able to figure out that's not a good thing for freedom.

The thing I can't figure out is why anyone with half a brain would support a Constitutional Convention, UNLESS, they were complete traitors and their end goal is to lead the prey into the trap.  Just simple logic would tell someone thinking about the matter for at least 30 seconds that if those in government are ignoring our Constitution now, what makes anyone think they'll pay attention to a new Constitution?

Our current problem (and has been for quite some time) is that we have become a nation of cowards that refuse to hold government and politicians responsible for going outside of their Constitutional authority.  An ignorant and complacent  public that doesn't have a spine, is sure to be our downfall.  Recently, I read an article by Neal Ross "Ross: More Gloom And Doom" where he wrote:

"I think that the moment any of those pieces of shit propose any further unconstitutional legislation that they be drug out of their offices, kicking and screaming, and hung by the neck from the nearest lamppost. But that’s just me."

I would encourage all to read his articles.

I totally agree, but that won't happen unless we stop being a nation of cowards and grow a spine along with stop being intentionally ignorant.  The result would be a government that fears the people, (freedom) rather than a people that fear a government. (tyranny)  An ignorant and lazy populace will ALWAYS be doomed to tyranny and slavery.  The way I see it, we currently have the government we deserve because WE have allowed it to happen.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I believe they are referred to as "useful idiots!"   If the CONstitution was really such a great document we wouldn't have a standing army, the federal government wouldn't own land and mine would be mine.