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9/11 Was An Inside Job

Written by Meria Heller Subject: 911 / World Trade Center
(Satire News) On the 9th anniversary of 9/11/01, Dick Cheney (Puxatawny Dick) came out of his rat-hole and admitted he ordered the STAND DOWN on 9/11/01. Donald Dumsfeld admits what he said on 9/11 “I was in the building when the missile hit” was true. Condi-liar Rice admits she told Bush to stay away from Washington, D.C., and Bush admitted being pissed off he didn’t get to finish the story about the goats he was reading to a classroom while America burned. Osama Bin-Forgotten now dead eight years sent a video from the grave saying once again that he had NOTHING to do with 9/11/01.The FBI still doesn’t list Bin Laden  wanted for 9/11/01.
SNORAD admits they were asleep at the wheel, as ordered. The producers of “Forest Gump” admit to adding FX effects to make it appear there were planes hitting the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and in Shanksville. The former Bush Administration came clean and said “we couldn’t let the results from the recount in Florida be announced on 9/12/01″ and “we needed to get our wars on for geo-political gain”. Of course they couldn’t go after Saudi-Arabia where the make believe terrorists/hijackers came from because the Bush Family and the Saudi’s are in bed together (read: House of Bush, House of Saud by Craig Unger). The Central Bank was happy since they were kicked out of Iraq, but swept right back in after George the Idiot King began his religious crusade – Gog and Magog as he told the French President. Transnational Corporations were happy since they were forbidden in Iraq prior to the invasion but now have taken over the country and the country’s wealth.
9/11 happened and all of America was found guilty – in rolled the Patriot Act (nothing Patriot about it); terrorists on every corner; big Brother everywhere you look; “citizens can we see your papers”, Body scanners at the airports (big biz for Mr. Chertoff’s business) and of course FEAR 24/7.As true traitors the entire Bush Administration has been locked up in Guantanamo Bay awaiting  secret military tribunals and many will face the death penalty for treason. They will not be allowed attorneys and their rights have been stripped of them. The public has approved the same torture and waterboarding previously used on the fake terrorists to be used on each member of the administration on a daily basis until they receive their sentences. The Patriot Act has been reversed, the wars are over, America starts rebuilding. All those complicit in the cover up have been arrested and are awaiting trial.
I strongly suggest you read the books on my book list about 9/11; watch the videos listed below; read John Farmer’s book (chair of the 9/11 Omissions Report) “The Ground Truth” where in the first few pages he admits they knew from the beginning that the official story was a LIE. It took the film “Loose Change” to make Jesse Ventura wake up to the ugly truth on 9/11, and America lost 3,000 of it’s citizens to the multiple bombs that were planted in the Towers. Tell me how Al Queda or a man half dead in a cave pulled that off? Lucky Larry Silverstein made a fortune that day on buildings that had become “white elephants”, and remember when he told the fire department regarding Building 7 (that wasn’t hit) “we’ve had enough lives lost today, pull it”.
Meanwhile the entire Muslim race has been demonized for a deliberate Stand Down and Failure of a multi-billion dollar “defense” department on 9/11/01. Shanksville had a 15-20 foot hole in the ground- no plane, no passengers, no luggage, no debris. Like Jonah being swallowed by a whale, the Earth just absorbed an entire plane! We were lied to, our people killed and Bush said he “hit the trifecta” that day. FEMA by the way was in NYC the night BEFORE and Jeb Bush had ordered martial law in Florida as of 9/7/01. We have been living in a post-9/11 country and world since. A world of pre-emptive wars, slaughtered human rights, free-fall economy and Big Brother on hyper-speed. If you don’t think your own government would sacrifice it’s citizens for it’s geopolitical goals you know nothing about foreign policy.
Re-member the people who’s lives were lost that fateful day and get educated or it will happen again. Read the Project For A New American Century and learn how what they needed was “another Pearl Harbor” to attain their insane goals. How many times has 9/11 been referred to as a new Pearl Harbor? If you think you know the truth about Pearl Harbor, think again. We’ve been lied to and abused by the very government that is supposed to protect and serve us.
Here’s some good videos to watch and of course you can check my site for great interviews with the best 9/11 investigators the world has to offer. We cannot wait 50 years for truth like the lies we were told when JFK was blown away. Our country and our lives depend on it. Check out “Meria’s videos”here on site  for my speeches on 9/11 at two separate conferences for 9/11 Truth. Check out;; for starters. REAL experts can’t all be wrong.
Some movies that speak volumes of truth (the best way to honor those who gave their lives that day)
The Falling Man (not yet released in the U.S. see it here)

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 Comment by: Morpheus (#01068)
   Entered on: 2010-09-12 15:35:40 bakadude:  "would you investigate the condition of your home when you got a letter signed by 1281 Architects and engineers stating your house was going to fall down?  Or would you simply look the other way?" Mr. Morpheus, hell, no, I will not even recognize this joke unless the 1281 architects and engineers really do exist , not just the product of a run-away imagination. I would definitely dismiss the letter and look the other way. Why would I waste my time when they are not even telling me why my house was going to fall down? You imagine I got their letter when they didn't even know where my house is [I have three of them]. Perhaps you do realize how stupid the question is?

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bakadude:  would you investigate the condition of your home when you got a letter signed by 1281 Architects and engineers stating your house was going to fall down?  Or would you simply look the other way?

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 911 dots connections: The American public did not see it – Americans didn’t see that Bush and Cheney did it, only the dots that were genetically connected in an anti-government propaganda engineering, formed a distorted picture. But millions of Americans saw what terrorists did to the Twin Towers, and witnessed the deaths and sufferings that the 911 attacks brought to the people of New York where the carnage took place. Long-winded dissertations like what you are reading now that obviously are trying very hard to convince all and sundry that in 911 the government was the culprit are so irrelevant that it does not mean anything at all!

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Yeah, Stubblebine is also the guy who claims he can walk through walls and that he could create a psychic “super soldier” who could become invisible at will. Nutbag.

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