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Judge Buttrick speaking on the Drug War today

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Phoenix N.O.R.M.L. Presents

Who: Judge John Buttrick is a respected sitting Superior Court Judge in Arizona who calls "the war on drugs" "insane."   [I am guessing Buttrick will be discussing the drug war---wild supposition.]

Open to the public.  PHX  N.O.R.M.L.'s monthly meeting.

When: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 7 p.m.

Where: The Armadillo Grill,
 1904 East Camelback Road, (map link)
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Note: This is our NEW MEETING PLACE, Until futher notice

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[kudos to Pat Schwind for the heads up]

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Every time I have met and spoken with this man he has been one of the kindest individuals I have shaken hands with - it is the exact same feeling as when I met with Dr. Paul.

Truly a fine man if ever there was one.  Attendance tonight would be 'in your favor'.


Comment by Found Zero
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Hells yeah, this man is a slayer. Tribe Oyate rises up as one and with one unequivocal voice says this man is the real shiznit.

So says Oyate with one voice. This man is so great that even us brothers with guns cannot defend him. Truth needs no defense and even us warriors are humbled by this brother's wisdom.

Comment by Die Daily
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Sam! Hell yeah, great observation. If they were `controlled` substances then after 250 billion dollars they would Instead they are out of control more now than ever. GREAT OBSERVATION.

Comment by Sam Weathersby
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WOW!! FINALLY!!! A sitting Judge who knows the skinny! Sure is about time!!

He should get along well with Sheriff Mack & Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

'controlled' (what a joek!!) substances & dispensing them via state controlled dispenseThe drug war is so lost. The only thing they have not tried is RE- legalizing 'controlled' substances, manufacturing them & dispensing them themselves. This would eliminate most OD death & insure quality standardization. Most of all it would take the $$ away from the cartels. Also do a lot to kill the foridden fruit aspect.



Comment by Die Daily
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Man's got some cahoneys. And some basic common sense. What's not to love?

Comment by G Cone
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Like, far out, man!