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How Could We Possibly Go To War With Iran....

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The Camaro Crash Helmet
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Hockey Hair
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The Neck Blanket
The Wisconsin Waterfall
The Mississipi Mud Flap

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Comment by Die Daily
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I don't think it's necessary to love all things Iranian in order not to bomb the snot out of them. Do you?

Comment by Friends of Iran
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Look at how your so-called “American” government is destroying the environment with the help of British Petroleum and also all the liberties and even want to censor the Internet. Take out the dirt in your own country before you are coming up with some harmless rules of the Iranian government. I am a man and I have long hair and of course I would not like the government cutting my hair. But I think killing Iranian men, women and children to give them the freedom (in the grove) to grow their hair is just insane. This is the insanity of the shitty Zionist propaganda.

Comment by European rebell
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Yeah, and in the US the US-citizens are not even allowed to live together with their foreign boy- or girl friend, if they do not believe in the government bedroom-controlling contract, so called marriage. Even if they are getting "married", means they are signing the government dictated bedroom-controlling-contract, they still can not live together if the US-citizen is for example a student, because the US-citizen is obligated related to the rules of the government dictators, to have earned at least $20.000 each year in the last free years to get permission to life together with their foreign husband or wife. Is this the "freedom and liberty", the US is always talking about? This is a completely dehumanized society, ruled by stupid bureaucrats, sadists and mass-murderers. If you want to see your friend, you have to ask the government for permission first, that’s the real “American way of life”.

Comment by Found Zero
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First the mullet then the mohawk. This is a causus belli if I ever heard one.

We clearly have to make them grow their hair over there before they cut ours over here.