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Explosive Evidence at WTC Cited by Former CDI Employee

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Explosive Evidence at WTC Cited by Former CDI Employee
– Darcy Wearing and Richard Gage, AIA
Tom Sullivan
Tom Sullivan
Having had the privilege of speaking with Tom Sullivan, an actual explosive-charge placement technician, we have some new insights to pass along as to how controlled demolition works, where it started, and the effect that 9/11 had on the demolition industry. Sullivan gained his experience as an employee of the leading firm in this field, Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI). Sullivan stresses though “I do not in anyway represent CDI and what I have to say is based on my own experience and training,”
The AE911Truth “Street Ready” Brochures -- “Don’t leave home without them”
– Richard Gage, AIA
‘Street’ Brochure
You are talking to this big, burly guy at the water cooler about the collapse of World Trade Center 7. Of course… he doesn’t believe you. He even thinks you’re a conspiracy theorist, or worse. You need back up. You’re out-gunned -- and not prepared to deal with the names that you are about to be called. There’s nothing in your briefcase to give him. You go… “Darn!,” or worse, to yourself. You say to him, “Just go to,” but you don’t quite remember the name of the website. This conversation is just not going your way.


Just in time… you remember the stack of “street ready” brochures that you bought from the AE911Truth Store at 15 cents each -- a small price to pay for the feeling of victory -- in the office and out on the street.
Building What? How SCADs Can Be Hidden in Plain Sight
– David Ray Griffin
Lynn Margulis
Prof. Lynn Margulis, National Medal of Science Winner
At 5:21 PM on 9/11, Building 7 of the World Trade Center collapsed, even though it had not been hit by a plane -- a fact that is important because of the widespread acceptance of the idea, in spite of its scientific absurdity, that the Twin Towers collapsed because of the combined effect of the impact of the airliners plus the ensuing jet-fuel-fed fires. The collapse of World Trade Center 7 (WTC 7) thereby challenges the official account of the destruction of the World Trade Center, according to which it was accomplished by al-Qaeda hijackers, even if one accepts the government’s scientifically impossible account of the Twin Towers. This fact was recently emphasized in the title of a review article based on my 2009 book, The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7,¹ by National Medal of Science-winner Lynn Margulis: “Two Hit, Three Down – The Biggest Lie.”²
AE911Truth Booths: Fairgoers Learn What Media Hasn’t Told Them About 9/11
– Editor
New Jersey Booth
Charbel Zogheib & John Tobak, electrical engineer and AE911Truth petitioner
Grassroots efforts in the form of inexpensive display booths are starting to make appearances in community fairs and festivals all over the country. AE911Truth volunteer Scott Beery led off with a bit more ambitious version of an AE911Truth booth, including TV monitors to display the Towers exploding, and Building 7 in freefall. See the article on this booth at the SF Power to the Peaceful Festival, just one of the many public events at which Beery brought the irrefutable 9/11 Truth evidence to the people through the unique features of his custom designed booth, and of course, the dedicated AE911Truth activists who staffed the booth.

Recently, many individual AE911Truth activists have taken it upon themselves to make the necessary arrangements with festival and fair authorities, and then bring banners and materials to set up their booths on the day of their respective events. In a grassroots fashion, two of these booths were organized, one by John Tobak, in Woodbridge, New Jersey, and the other by Scott Thompson, in Bellingham, Washington. Both had successful 9/11 awareness-raising projects with lots of visitors on the respective days of the fairs.
Volunteers Keep the Wheels Turning at AE911Truth
– Mark Graham, Volunteer Coordinator
Darcy Wearing
Volunteer Darcy Wearing & Richard Gage, AIA
On the home page of our website,, you may have noticed the tab near the top center that says, “Help out.” If you open that page you will find descriptions of the teams at AE911Truth, and the current projects of these teams.

You can be in any state or any country, and still volunteer with AE911Truth. Each of our teams keeps in touch via a weekly conference call, plus phone, email, and a web environment called Base Camp. If you want to help us complete our mission -- obtaining a real investigation of the destruction of the 3 WTC high-rises, contact us -- as we need more volunteers.

We have teams working on congressional outreach, fundraising, graphics, marketing, the Online Store, presentations, public outreach, translations, video, writing and more. There are even some opportunities to be a team leader. Let me introduce you to three very real volunteers who are contributing daily to our success. Here are Darcy Wearing, Marsha Elliott, and Sean Brizendine:
– Barbara Honegger
Peter Dale Scott
Peter Dale Scott speaks to the conference theme, “Deep Politics”
The spectacular explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling platform was a darkly resonant backdrop for the paradigm-challenging “Understanding Deep Politics” conference held in Santa Cruz, CA, May 14-16.

Just as everyone knows that the “real story” isn’t the fireball or even the massive slick on the surface, but the invisible deep source of the catastrophe, a critical mass of world Truth leaders came together to expose the deep and dark forces behind the staged explosions of 9/11, the ongoing geopolitical catastrophe they were used to justify, and the slick of official myths spread by the mainstream media to try to keep the American public from waking up and ending its collective nightmare.

The “Deep Politics” theme of the conference originated with one of the keynote speakers, University of California Berkeley Emeritus Professor Peter Dale Scott. Prof. Scott coined the term “deep politics” to refer to the covert “dark side” goals, means and operations of a hard-right “Western” military, intelligence, corporate and criminal cabal behind the series of engineered crises that have shaken America and the world -- the facilitated “Reichstag Fire” attack on U.S. ships at Pearl Harbor that had the desired effect of catapulting America into World War II; the myth of the U.S. ship attack in the Gulf of Tonkin used to escalate the Vietnam War; the assassination of JFK, who refused to attack Cuba, and of RFK and MLK, who wanted to end the Vietnam War; the attack on the USS Cole, which was intended to escalate the U.S. military presence in the Middle East, but didn’t; the 9/11 “Reichstag Fire” self-attack on their own world military headquarters, the Pentagon, and the World Trade Center used to burst the cabal’s geopolitical agenda to the surface; and the WMD Big Lie used to rationalize the attack on Iraq.
The News Media at War
– Terry Hansen
Art of War
‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu
Ed: As AE911Truth makes many efforts to promote its mission among and through the mainstream media, this article offers some reasons why that has proven to be a daunting and largely unsuccessful effort.

For many Americans, one of the strongest reasons for accepting the official story about the shocking events of Sept. 11, 2001, is their deep-seated belief in the free press. We are taught from an early age that the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution guarantees us many cherished freedoms, among which is freedom of the press.

If there were really any serious problems with the official 9-11 explanation, many Americans reason, this information wouldn’t go unreported for long in our media-saturated society. Major news organizations such as CNN, Time, and the New York Times would most certainly investigate and report any serious problems almost immediately. Nearly all major American news organizations have embraced the government-s version of events with few questions asked. Consequently, many Americans naturally conclude that it-s safe to accept the official story at face value.