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Finally a border sheriff with some balls!

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Sorry for the brief commercials at the beginning, but this is great stuff. The sheriffs (at least in Arizona) can raise posses. The governor can activate the citizen's militia. We have the capability to secure our borders.

Ya gotta love it, the simple message "arm yourselves". Listen to this sheriff say he doesn't need federal troops (or black jumpsuits apparently), he'll just put out the word and the citizens will come running.
Sheriffs of Arizona, we're armed citizens and we'll come running. And we can be like these sturdy folks of Texas: protecting what's ours.
What the hell is Babeu waiting for?

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Comment by foundZero
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Enough. There is a time and a place for everything. Men of the R3VOLUTION, we have distinguished ourselves as peaceful people. Those who care to look see that we avoid violence. But this is not a time for pleasant passtimes. Not when our people are under threat.

Don't tell me this is just another crazy Oyate idea. I know I'm not alone on this one.

Comment by foundZero
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This one for the Cannucks

Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot's blood from all thy sons command. With glowing heart we see thee rise our true North strong and free. Oh Canada from far and wide we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free, oh Canada we stand on guard for thee.

Still brings tears to my eyes. Never forget bro, from far and wide.

Comment by foundZero
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Oh wow. I um....let's just say I did a lot of growing up in Canada. Back when the Northeastern crossings were a fact of daily life. Sometimes on snow machines and sometimes on snowshoes.

These last winter games I got the chance to sing Oh Canada like we used to, like we MEANT IT. What else do you do when half your family is a bunch of crazy French breeds that know how to distill anything on the planet? Work, drink, sing, dance, repeat.

Comment by Die Daily
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Hey, Oyote, it won't let people outside the US watch this vid. I'm a natural-born US citizen with long-form birth certificate and everything, unlike our illustrious leader, but I'm living up here in Canada with my sled dogs and igloos and stuff. What's in the vid? What would I be getting onto if I volunteered to be the official-patsy-leader of your order? Could I just be Field Marshall von Daily of the 2nd Armored Piñata Division?

Comment by foundZero
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Oh come on boys! Come on, we can do it, we should do it. You know my order is non-violent but there comes a time and place.

There is a time and place for everything under the sun. To go with prudence and caution and with faith and love in our hearts, without hate but with mighty protection, we can do this. I know we can.

So talk it up, I'm not a chief in this one, I'm just an indian. We need an "official" framework for this one to go down smooth. But if I have to, I will. I'd rather not be the main man. I kind of had FSOB kitchen duty picked out as my task. Ready to hash potatoes but ready to unstack rifles kind of scenario.

You guys are seriously gonna let a tired out old warrior like me show you up?