Large area of Pinal Co. Mexico closed to US citizens: Mexican paramilitary drug gangs gain control

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How long until the Sheriffs raise posses or our governor activates the citizen's militia to deal with this?
All we need is the call to action. We ARE help. And we're here. Somebody close to Sheriff Babeu tell him it's time we got busy.

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Comment by Concerned Patriot
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Is this meant to be funny or serious?

The MOX NEWS logo comes up at the end saying unfair and biased so is this pro Drug cartel taking over Arizona or what?

Comment by Psychictaxi
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...and we will continue to be INVADED until we CRY for our 'Gub'mint Number' so we can safely remove those who will not capitulate with a TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY - complete with electronic currency - in which you (not WE) will be CHIPPED with location and sound monitors, enabling FULL BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.