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2009 Freedom Summit Video, Judge John Buttrick

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Judge John Buttrick shares his opinion about the National Libertarian Party's future. He details his criticisms of Wayne Allen Root, Bob Barr and the abandonment of principle inside the National Libertarian Party that has encouraged such representations of libertarianism... to the point that we risk becoming irrelevant in American politics.... and the people (and even the media) knows it.
Judge Buttrick received more retention votes for his seat in the 2008 Maricopa County election than the Barr/Root campaign did nationwide.
Watch this presentation and you'll know why.

(Zoom forward to the 10 min. point of the 1 hr and 10 min. presentation to avoid Ernie's lengthy introduction)


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Abso-freaking-lutely fascinating. I had to listen to this 3 times to make sure there really wasn't anything I didn't agree with.

The thesis here is really the tension between the purist argument and.....pretty much everybody else who makes concessions "economic libertarians", "pragmatist libertarians" and neocons who pretends to be libertarians.