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Ron Paul Speaks in Phoenix - Then Goes Outside to Wave Signs With Activists!

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I am attending the Freedom Summit currently, and I'm taking a minute during Butler Schaffer's speech to get you these hot-off-the-press photos of the Signwave on Dunlap after Ron's Speech. 

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Comment by Ducatijeanne
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Thank you, Ernie and Donna and thank you, RON PAUL for the high energy exciting Street Action event. The way it was all of us with huge grins on our faces and our hero walking among us and we are all spread out between the I-17 freeway exit mega intersection and the courtyard in front of the Sheraton.  All of our faces with grins from ear to ear!

Silly me, I morph into the Street Action Queen on the busy sidewalk; spreading the message and RON PAUL is standing on the sidewalk just a quarter block away holding an End The Fed sign and R3VOLUTION sign and Buck and Dennis proudly serving as bodyguards. 

Thanks to everyone for helping make this a dream event. Chris and the RON PAUL car, Joe and Mad, Keith striding up from the East with the vintage foam board  sign, the brave folks on the median of Dunlap Avenue and I-f--king 17 doing a high speed street action and Peg putting the photo of a group of us holding my black R3VOLUTION sign on The Daily Paul website.

As Ed mentioned as a caption for one of the photos; there was a great feeling of LOVE and RON PAUL did pick up on it.  A dreamy scene of excitement, joy, pride, hope, elation combined with absolute peace and fellowship.

My best to all, Jeanne 

Comment by Anonymous
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 Please post a photo of Dr. Paul actually waving a sign.  Did he actually?  Is there one?