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Stoopid "R" Us

Written by Subject: Activism


Sometimes I lay in bed and think and think and think which isn't easy at my age, but at times my brain will not shut down it seems. What has become of all of us? What have we become? How did we get to this point?

What happened to all the men in our world that were masculine, role models, leaders, Fathers, Uncles, men we looked up to and respected? They didn't whine, cry or act like a little sissy girl... They were men and we knew it. Where did they all go? I know, most are dead now and twisting and turning in their graves at the weak kneed , limp wristed, politically correct men impersonators of today.

What happened to all the Mothers who were home when you got home from school with a glass of real milk and a snack, made you do your homework and clean your room, cooked our meals and ran the house with a iron hand. You didn't sass or whine or throw a fit unless you wanted a belt on your butt and without the permission from the Child Services people.

What happened to playing until dark with the other kids? What happened to Saturdays where you got up, did your chores and went outside to play for the rest of the day? When your Mom called you by yelling from the front porch not on a cell phone, what happened to reading a book in the evening and not being glued to the TV? To writing a letter to Santa and not sending a email? Doing math on paper not with a calculator? Knowing how to make change or make sure you got the right change back from a salesman? Saying yes sir or mam to anyone older than you, never calling a adult by their first name unless preceded by Miss or Mr.?

We have allowed Government to complicate our lives by laws, mandates and bills written by liberal idiots who do not have a clue as to what it is to have a real life and enjoy the common things that have disappeared. These liberals mostly wanna be do-gooders trying to out do-good each other and becoming more and more liberal to the point it is over the top. Way over the top. We all need to go back to the common everyday things that work, that keep us strong and alert, that makes us think and not just accept what others want. It is time to become politically INCORRECT and enjoy being free again.

Instead of sneaking around so no one will know your feelings and thoughts just say them out loud and to hell with the Liberal Do-Gooders who will be offended. Let them be offended who cares? Be yourself, express your real feelings, do what is right for you not your neighbor.

Call a pervert a pervert not a challenged individual, make no exceptions for bad or wrong behavior, why stand by and allow something that is distasteful to you be promoted and by your silence let it become the norm.

I have always hated sneaks and people who gossip, when I say something about someone it is usually to their face, when I do something against someone to get even I don't hide, I want them to know who did or said it. what is the point of saying or doing something and the culprit doesn't know who did it? Have you accomplished anything? Hell no. If you have something to say do it in public in front of the person and get it in the open. Get it off your chest for good. You will be surprised at how good it feels to stand up to idiots and let them know you are the one that disagrees with them and their behavior.

By being silent we have allowed a group of perverts, thieves, liars, greedy bastards and cowards to take over our country. How many of the Senators or Congressmen would stand up and fight back if you stood in front of them and told they what you thought? NONE>> they have their security people who protect them from the wrath of the public, they run and hide behind new laws like the Hate Bill so they will be able to control everyone that disagrees with them and their methods of living. We actually pay them outrageous salaries to keep their thumbs on us and we just sit and allow it to continue.

Many will claim it is for the common good? Common Good? what the hell is that? IF something harms me and my family in any way that is not a good thing and to hell with the common good. We are all individuals with different needs and wants. If someone is too damn lazy to work should I make sure they are fed for the common good? If they are too dammed lazy to patch their roof should I make sure they have a decent home? Isn't it time for us all to be responsible for our own lives and life styles? Is it my responsibility to make sure they have everything that I have? I work for what I have, why should I give it up for a lazy welfare whore to lay around and suck the life out of the country while doing nothing to improve the land, the country or themselves .

Whether you believe this or not there are many people who feel the same way, yet where are they? FEAR is the answer. They are afraid of what may happen and that is something that has been so well planned that no one saw it coming. Now we are being terrorized with a Flu Pandemic? We are told we will be forced to take a shot? Now look, don't you see the real plan? Put fear into the public and they will conform, it's true. We have begun to rise up and the government sees that and is scared themselves. They need something to instill fear in all of us so we will bend down to them and not make a fuss or cause problems for the ones in power now. Fear of Martial Law, Fear of Illness, Fear of civil unrest, Fear of the Terrorists... the only terrorists here are in Washington DC.

We allow illegals to stand up and scream that we are going to be run out of our own country, that they are taking over, we have sanctuary cities to accommodate them and their loud voices. Where are the people of this country to run their butts out of the country, back to their own country to take care of their own problems not make more for us and have us support them in every way. We allow a Communistic Latino Bimbo to be appointed to our supreme court for life? One that has openly said all white males need to be castrated. Where is the logic of allowing this kind of person to interpret our constitution?

What is the answer? Total Rebellion, nothing less. There are more people that are tired of the way things are going and that group is growing every day as more and more of these laws and bills and programs are infringing on their own lives. When people are personally touched by one of these bills they will become active.. when their own little world is infiltrated they will become angry, until then we wait for the rest of the country to stand behind us. It will take pain and suffering for most people to come to their senses and then it won't be very effective as the government has washed out the testosterone from most of the men with soy and fluoride in our water and food, it has placated the women with the mantra of equality and feminism to the point a lot are more male than the men are. They rip our children from our arms at birth to clean, check out etc and take away that moment of bonding between mother and child at birth. Most babies are tested immediately at birth for hours before being placed in the Mothers arms. It is a scientific fact that that mothering instinct is formed immediately at the birth of a child and if denied this time the instinct is weakened, that is why we see so many women who can kill their own children, suffer from post partum ....and the mothers are put on anti depressants which cause more problems mentally for the family.

I don't have the answers and don't really know where this rant is taking me but do know I will not be sitting quietly waiting for someone to come and save me from problems I helped make by not being more vocal and active and down right belligerent. It is time for us all to reflect and think and do what ever you can to make yourself and your family as safe as you can be. That means to have food and water for at least a year, be ready to do without power, no that won't happen as the government has to keep us brainwashed with the TV and radio.

I will be leaving all I have and own the middle of this month and taking only what I can carry to Texas and that little piece of land that I feel is far enough away from major civilization that we may be overlooked. We will grow our own food, have our own wells and water without the garbage in it and produce our own power. We will not have everything we do now but we will be with others who will work and help each other and we will be strong and ready when the rest of the country is ready to take up the fight and throw out the stooges in Washington DC and put this country back the way it should be. A Republic ruled by law not perverted men with greed and power as their agenda.

If you are tired of the so called Land of the FREE we are living in today join us but only if you are ready to stand against the New Global Agenda and political correctness.