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Joseph 25 organized an open carry march on May 30, 2009. Ironically neither the NRA or any other local gun rights groups were to be found.

CLEVELAND -- Nine men marched from Cleveland Browns Stadium to the Justice Center this morning with handguns exposed in holsters as a protest over a Cleveland law that prohibits people from openly carrying handguns.

Ohio law allows people to openly carry guns. Cleveland has challenged the state law in court.

Greg Llewellyn, 27, of Lakewood, was arrested last August when someone called Cleveland police and reported that Llewellyn was sitting at a coffee shop with a gun in a holster.

"Six cops showed up and placed me under arrest for carrying a concealed weapon because the gun was in a covered holster," he said. "It was not concealed at all."

Lleyellyn has agreed to take a "diversion course" on carrying concealed weapons and perform 40 hours of community service to get the charge expunged. But he's committed to the idea of being able to carry a gun.

On Saturday, two police officers escorted the protest march. No arrests were made.

The marchers stood around the Justice Center for about a half-hour. Few people were in the area to witness the event.

"We would have liked to have had more people come out for this," Llewellyn said

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