Article Image Soon to be Mrs. Timothy Gustafson, Rhea Hancock looking very regal

OK-here she is, Mrs. Rhea (Hancock) Gustafson!

Written by Subject: Just For Fun!
Many have sent well wishes to the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gustafson (new son-in-law and daughter of Freedom's Phoenix publisher/contributor Ernest and Donna Hancock), and we just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and we wish the best for all of your families. Even though life is very trying right now for many of us, we can still enjoy the precious moments in our lives and that is something that big government can NEVER take away.
Below Photo: Rhea and her Sister and maid of honor, Sierra Hancock

Miss Rhea Hancock:

Thanks to all of you, again, for your best wishes. Ernest and I wish the VERY BEST for you and your families.
                                                                              Donna Hancock

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Wait! When? Where? Who knew? More pix?


Comment by Barry Hess
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It was a thoroughly enjoyable and fun event. VERY nice venue and the people were great....and I haven't even commented on the gorgeous bride or her beau.....