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Gun sales booming

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The video below is for anyone left out there who believes that the lamestream news media would never fail to report significant news. What it portrays may be the most significant news in the U.S. since 1775, but it has been almost completely ignored by lamestream news outlets. You know, the ones whose readership has been spiraling downward to the point that they are either experiencing cuts or going out of business.
It won't come as news to anyone who has attended a gun show since November, or otherwise tried to acquire guns and ammunition during that time. In short, this is one area of the economy that is experiencing unprecedented growth amidst otherwise unprecedented economic collapse.

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Comment by Trouser Chili
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Fabulous post. 3 weeks ago I was at the neighborhood ACE hardware. A man was buying a hand truck so that he could transport the ammo he was going to buy at the upcoming gun show.

Comment by Aaron Stichter
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Interesting. I was shocked at the numbers. Does anybody know how to fact check the numbers quoted from the gun registration database?