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Protestors Penned Like Cattle So Slickly Hitler Would Blush

Written by Subject: Free Speech
After my experiences over the last Presidential Election cycle attempting to get an honest man to lead America (Ron Paul), I thought I'd seen 'Crowd Control' and 'Media Manipulation' taken to the degrees of a fine art.  Today I (and a lot of other people) saw local Mesa authority used to impede the voice of the people from displaying their displeasure (or pleasure either for that matter) to the highest-ranking supposed servant of said people - either for the purposes of avoiding unfavorable media or 'security' - or both. 
I am not going to make this statement lightly. I intend to explain the reasons why I believe what I saw, but feel that words and still photos wouldn't adequately convey the full scope of all the factors combined; that is why I have called The Famed 4409 and asked him to help me create one of his fancy videos with cool graphics, and he has agreed.
Look for it very soon.
Until then, feel free to look at the 150+ pictures in the two Photo Albums on our Group website:
Ed Vallejo, Editor
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