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E-voting Machines are a National Security Threat - Stephen Spoonamore (RECOMMENDED)

Written by Subject: Voting: Vote Fraud
GOP Cyber security expert Stephen Spoonamore: the upcoming election and his testimony in the new Ohio litigation to take depositions of Karl Rove and others. The video is posted in full below with ten short clips for You Tube viewing. This interview is so important and explosive that we urge everyone to watch it.
It's a network, people.
Electronic voting machines are a national security threat.
The genie is out of the bottle.
Fifty ways to steal an election.
Mike Connell: Bush IT Guru
The Rapp Family: Ohio election cover-up.
Evangelicals and voting machines.
Paper ballots please.
McCain/Palin will win by theft.
People should doubt the vote, it's being stolen.